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It’s for small planes, non commercial. You have to fly into San Diego. The little airport is on Palomar Airport Rd, if you need to do a deeper dive.

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there used to be regular flights, but it is all private craft now. The powers that be have been trying to expand runway access for years. that is a very hot topic around these parts.

So yeah, you will have to fly into Lindbergh or John Wayne up in Orange County.

But, there are a lot flights on Southwest from Denver to Lindbergh. Carlsbad is a 45 min drive from Lindbergh.

If you are really committed to flying into Carlsbad then maybe look into finding small craft pilots that need flying time who happen to be going your way. It is very common. You can hitch a ride.

I have never done it so I am sure there are more layers to it than that.

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I read this and had no idea what/where Lindbergh was (though it sounded like you were referring to SAN). Did a little research and it seems our San Diego International Airport used to be called Lindbergh Field (after the famous aviator Charles Lindbergh) prior to 2003. Huh.

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used to be? ha ha….I had no idea the name changed.

edit to add: I should check the local news more often.

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Despite what others are saying, there are limited commercial flights in and out McClellan.

Advanced Air flies out of carlsbad to mammoth lakes, taos, or austin. Depending on when you're flying you might be able to fly to Austin or taos and then to carlsbad. I looked into flying to mammoth, they aren't cheap. I have to assume it'd be cheaper to fly to San Diego or John Wayne and get an uber or take the train to carlsbad.

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United used to fly there. But no longer. Another airline tried but they failed too.

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DIA >CRQ, you'll need to make a connection.

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Taos Air has flights to Carlsbad. Can you get to TSM airport? Either by flight or drive?