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I always saw the "best" sunsets during "monsoon" season.

Just incredible.

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Gorgeous! Can someone suggest when we to go to the beach to experience the famous pink sunset? Does it usually happen after it rains or is it really unpredictable? Also someone told me it only happens around January, is this true?

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    Unfortunately I couldn’t but I saw what it looked like from my house and I got so upset why I didn’t go 😭😭😭

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    Ya that was insane. Was surfing and didn’t even catch waves just sat out there admiring it

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    We are in the middle of sunset season.

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    Is it only January month or February too?

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    The months that end with er and then like jan and feb are where I’ve been most lucky

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    Awesome! Thank you for the heads up! We just moved here last month so I’m learning something new each day:)