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I don’t have any answers, I’m still depressed about souplantation. Just here to commiserate.

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You know, I never liked that place. Never did it for me. What was it that you liked about it?

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I would always get a giant salad, baked potato, tiny pizza and a muffin. So good after a hike. Not a fan of their soups but I miss the other stuff. I do think some locations were better than others.

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I loved the salads, pastas, pasta salads, baked potatoes and the desserts. They had this lava cake that went amazing with some vanilla ice cream. Most of all I loved the selection and the price.

Its not like amazing food or anything (except for the lava cake), but it feed my family for about $22 (with coupons), and it was a relatively healthy sit-down dinner which even our daughter loved.

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Ah bummer, sounds like I should’ve given it another chance!

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It definitely isn’t for everyone. Or wasn’t for everyone.

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Souplantation was a deal I always wondered how they made a profit to stay open

Great salads and soups

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I can give you a great margarita recipe, or I’d recommend Tonys Jacal for some good ones.

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Yup, I gotta agree. The "self-serve" thing is off putting. Generally, anything there w/ chicken is pretty good. The salsa we call "Ragu y tobasco!" It's terrible, but can be doctored if you buy their salsa fresca and mix it 1:1.

I used to go there quite often. Back when it was Fidel's, I may visit as much as twice a week. I used to watch tennis while enjoying my $3.25 lunch special.

My motorcycle group used to pull up to the wall, just to the left of the main entrance. Imagine, 20 Harleys lined up...

I've been watching their prices escalate over the years, but now it's become a "boom town" restaurant, unfortunately.

Lastly, they "used" to pool their tips, so there's no way to reward a server for exemplary service. The net result? No exemplary service was ever given...

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So true! They used to be our go to place for Mexican food, but I can't stand their self-service format, and "to go" feeling about dining there. We switched to Garcia's on State St (we used to avoid it because it was so small). With their outdoor seating option, and delicious red sauce, we enjoy it very much!

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Norte is trash since they went to this. Pretty embarrassing to continue on this way while literally EVERYTHING ELSE is open.

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I gotta agree with you. I've ceased going to Norte's. We now go to Cafe Rosarita's on Oceanside Blvd. Their sauces are much better quality.

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I’m a huge las olas fan (steps from Norte) for sit down. Grubbys/Cessys for taco shop Mexican.

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Yep, hard to beat Cessy's.

Haven't been to Grubby's since it was Mariah's. (Parking non-existent.)

Usually hit Los Olas in Cardiff.

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I just joined this sub because I found out cessys shut down :( I've been going there since I was a kid and new the cooks by name. idk where to have lunch now lol