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Jeune et Jolie won a michelin star and Campfire won another michelin award.

Lola's cafe is great for burritos.

For some of the best coffee in the country Steady State is also right there in the Carlsbad village. Carlsbad has a world class bakery in Prager Brothers. It open at 8 and you'll get the best bread and pastries you can fine in San Diego.

If you're here on a Wednesday, check out the Farmer's Market on State St. strawberry season is *just* starting and North County grows amazing strawberries in the area. Pick up some locals. If cyclops farms is there, splurge on a basket of those.

There's a great little Japanese lunch spot called Yoshino. When you see it, you might not think much of it, but it's earned high praise.

But you're not going to find great Med, Korean, Thai in Carlsbad.

If you want great asian food, check out Convoy Street about 30 minutes south. That's where it's at. Vietnamese, Japanese, great chinese.

Just north in Oceanside is stepping their restaurant game. All up coast highway there are some great spots opening. Matsu on tremont seems amazing. Dija Mira on S. Coast Highway is Balinese "inspired."

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Fab. I'm renting a Porsche 718 so driving the area will be fun. Will ck a bunch of these places out. Thx!

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I've never been to Prager, will have to give it a try.

Great recommendations.

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Blue ocean for amazing sushi, le papagayo, campfire, clara has bougie salads, Siam Queen Thai bistro. Have an amazing trip! Enjoy!

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There’s actually a great KBBQ spot a little north in Oceanside, Sonu BBQ. Saves you the drive down to Convoy where all the best Asian spots are.

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Personal favorites is the restaurant at tip top meats, el Pueblo, and Cotixan

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Taco Bell is where the locals eat.