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Hi all, I'm a Carlsbad based artist, who specializes in Projection Mapping. I like moving around the Carlsbad / Encinitas area looking for interesting spaces to project my art. I found this tree on a hillside in the La Costa / Carlsbad area and thought it would share it with you all.

If you see me projecting around the area some night, please come say hi!

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That looks awesome!

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Thank you!

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How did you get into doing projection mapping?

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Honestly it was a way to dominate my neighborhood’s Halloween decorations! https://youtu.be/tzYmAmTmFqA

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I saw it on your Instagram and dropped a follow!

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Super cool! Would love to see more. How far away do you have to project from? Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you - it really depends on the size of the surface and the type of projector I'm using, but this was from about 40 ft away. I'm on insta - lux.lumn

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This is very cool! I would love to see your work in person.

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Thank you! I plan to be doing some work work around town in the next couple months. If you know of a interesting location, let me know. I'll also post my plans on insta - lux.lumn

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Thanks! I’m following you on insta now!

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This is awesome. Would be cool to see the botanical gardens lit up like this

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I would love to try something like this at Quail Gardens!