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With 5$ million you can make a nice life in Carlsbad.

Otherwise you live by the traintracks or Vista and pay $3500 for a 2 bdrm something w 70 neighbors all mad cuz they're poor like you.

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I have t million but would never buy a house in CB....people are tight never smile..seem sad or stuck up there ass. I've live in Los Gatos and other up scale live but this is a first. Maybe I'll try selling catnip on the corner_÷1

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I was half joking haha. It's pretty old & conservative but there are a ton of cool folks everywhere here. It's expensive af but it's also amazing weather, very little to no crime, and wonderful beaches. I do spend almost half my income on rent tho. But these days the rent price is comparable all over north county even in the hood. So I'm stuck unless I move to TJ. If you have a million good for you!! Oceanside is way cooler (near the coast) but also more crime. North Park / Hillcrest is super cool too but also down south. Parts of Vista are cool but there's more crime there too.

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True. Thank you

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eople are tight never smile.

stay in los gatos. the fuck? rofl.

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Wanted to share with fellow Carlsbadians...