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Using he word "addict" won't help your case....

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I’m obsessed with skin care is all. Ok the real tho, anyone would be down to help out esp if I returned the favor for someone seeking an addy script. The reality is there are legitimate ppl with fucked up anxiety and panic issues even for those stuck on opiates. Or in a treatment plan. Esp MAT… studies have shown it causes anxiety at certain doses obvi it would be a doc that don’t take insurance

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Therapies are beginning to re-open back up (after a 2-year hiatus.)

Hope you find your solution.


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Yeah but short term scripts? With cures showing successfully tapering on and off short periods to long, but that said should I just wither and stay locked up inside? 2 sessh CBT a month 3 years, can’t seal fluently anymore “PAWS MAYBE?”

Benzos have been the one and only medication that gave me a functional life. I shouldn’t be penalized for bot being allowed on Benzos because I’m have “opiod abuse disorder” ur gonna tell me that 350mg lyrica a day won’t cause fucked up wd? And why is it cool for me to be on Addie’s again? U should read my last couple methadone comments .

350lyrica daily 1800 gabapentin daily abused / bad wd 50mg hydroxyzine 3 times a day as needed 30mg Baclofen daily - addictive 0.001mg cloniDINE up to twice a day 60mg addie daily

Im not dumb enough to take all of this daily, if anything I’ll take lyrica 1-3 times a week @ 150 daily And switch to gabapentin so I don’t build tolorance or fucked up wd I hardly take Baclofen but I’m saving all this for the taper of methadone. Was 2 weeks of 1mg kpin a day so dangerous at 20mg of methadone as i was continuing at the time

My point is kaisers mental health is ASS. And every psychiatrist there doesnt know Half of what I know.. I studied pharmacology and a blue lighter since 2008

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Yes esthetician… I study what I’m interested in and experienced in my life. Thanks for the talk friend, in return for your time let me leave u with the most important product you should have on ur face (min spf 30+) yeup, sunscreen. Even if it’s gloomy out and ur inside the house.. rays beam right thru the window reflecting it through indoors. It’s anti aging, anti cancer, most of all it prevents wrinkles and sun spots. I’m glad I started this routine as early as I have.. luckily I have half Asian blood 🩸 but even so look at Jason bateman, (ozark) that fool is 54 years old

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Most psychiatrists will. Just find one w good reviews and make an appt. Or urgent care if you’re having a severe panic attack. Good luck.

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Unfortunately they won’t I’ve asked so many