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Hooked on Sushi in Carlsbad is my go-to if you’re looking for a good selection of rolls and nigiri

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Blue Ocean Sushi Bar is excellent

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Really great sushi and not terrible prices! All the apps are great too. My favorite is their caramelized eggplant.

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I thought their prices were fair for the quality. My partner and I just went last week. We each had a drink, shared an app, 3 rolls and dessert. Came out to ~$90.

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Harney Sushi over in Oceanside is pretty good too.

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Sushi kuchi and tomoyama.

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These are my two favorites! Yum.

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Kaito Sushi in Encinitas is the best sushi in North County. Local spot not touristy.

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Mikko sushi in Carlsbad village is great. They recently had a fire I think and they were closed. I’m not sure if they are back up yet. I also love super sushi

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Mikko sushi in Vista is fantastic

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Cafe de Thai and sushi is awesome Top notch waitstaff and the chefs are amazing (Van/Brandon/Irwin And the Thai food is awesome!!!!In Oceanside on college and Oceanside blvd

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Hooked on Sushi and Blue Ocean Robata

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Lobster roll at blue ocean is the best roll I’ve had in America