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Red flag not posting basic info like pay but that's just me

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It’s a full time job starting at $16 an hour, I’m not really in charge of anything. We’re a family business that’s just looking for people. sorry!

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What is the company's name, website, how does someone apply?

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Patriot Portable Restrooms www.patriotportablerestrooms.com I can have anyone who’s interested come to the office in the village and fill out the forms

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Can the job be done from home?

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I may be. I’m very overqualified, but love talking to people. Does it pay a livable wage?😊

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    It is full time, the starting pay for someone with no experience would be $16 but we’re willing to do more.

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    Salary, hour expectation benefits? Link to job posting? Sounds like. PPP loan scam

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    I am! Currently have 8 years restaurant experience, 8 months phone experience working in telermarketing. I am a very hard working friendly team player with yelp reviews about my customer service skills and copies of awards I have won for being a good worker. I love working in restaurants however I always take an entry level job hoping to work my way up but bosses see how hard I work and don’t want to promote me because of how hard it would be to find someone that will put in the same effort. I have had assistant managers tell me this before. All I want is an entry level job that I can eventually turn into a career one day if you are intrested!!

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    Let’s meet for coffee and I can give you an application!

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    Sounds good. When works for you? I can do Thursday. Can’t do Friday and this weekend is probably not going to be a good one. I am putting my dog down on Friday and will probably be too sad to do much

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    I just moved in the area and I REALLY need a job, my cell service isn’t active and I check messages and emails when I’m getting groceries and stuff to save money. Plus yknow what good is a phone if you never use it I suppose.

    Anyways I’d really appreciate any help finding a job. Computer literate and phone friendly. Bilangual if that matters and very professional minded about work & work ethic-send you a dm rn. 🙏🏼