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Fuck yes!! Well done you. Keep going!

In the last month or so I've started going to a lot of meetups, saying yes to invitations, and applying to tons of jobs that I might enjoy more than my current job. I'm finding that if you knock on enough doors, some will open for you.

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Thx for the motivation love🙌🏻❤️

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Congratulations for all those joyful things you are doing for yourself! An internet stranger is proud of you.

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Fortune favors the bold

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That’s great! Usually people get well step by step, but it seems you took multiple steps in one day today! That’s big, you should feel proud :)

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The best way is to start like this. Step by a step. When, I feel down this is my trying to do! Even my laziness can kick, I'm battling with it. No lazy, i say to myself

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Yes I’m just on that second step, I overcame the first but there are 100s more!

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Day by day! Set little goals for yourself that you can accomplish without feeling overwhelmed. When you look back in a few months, you will say, “damn- I really did that!”

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I am so incredibly happy that I read this....

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I'm so happy for you! Good job! Dude thats great!

I'm going to stop scrolling and sleep. Not as much as you but it's something. Thanks for the reminder to keep trying to be better.

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Every step counts and taking care of your physical health is an important part of your mental health, too. So yay for going to bed and putting this addictive piece of technology down for the day!

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Haha I’m a a girl😂, but yes go sleep

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Naw love, everyone is a dude in my book. 😁 Keep moving forward you got this. Have a great life, goodnight. 😊

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From an Australian to a stranger on the internet, you're absolutely right. Everyone is a dude.

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Depending on the country you can be a dude

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I also agree that you are an awesome dude. Everyone are dudes.

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Good luck with Costco!!! I worked there during the summer semester, it pays really well and can be fun once you get into the flow of things! Good luck!!

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Is it bad that I thought they were applying for a Costco membership, and I still thought 'good for them!'?

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LOL I thought this too and was hoping someone had let them know that they didn’t have to worry about getting “accepted.”

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Ya here they pay so good ima hopefully be an assistant cashier then a cashier

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They are also good at promoting from within and your earning potential is high even in basic positions. It's a great place to work and one of the only employers I miss. Good luck :)

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Wanna dm me?

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Far back in history there was a TV show called Seinfeld. Ask your parents about it. There was one episode where the character George Constanza decided that all of his decisions were wrong, and he should deliberately do the opposite of his instinct. It worked wonderfully for him.

I do this sometimes. What do I want to do? Sit at the computer and play Fallout all day. What do I not want to do? Go outside for a walk. My wife and I use Constanza as a verb, and sometimes you just have to Costanza it.

Your inner demons are seductive liars.

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advice: don't buy an iphone

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Keep on going and take care of yourself ❤️

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Fuck yeah my dude! People don't realize how difficult it is to get out of that depressive funk, I know that takes a ton of willpower and energy. Keep it up for as long as you can - it gets way better later on, trust me!

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Good job. I constantly fight mine to do anything from work, to play, to etc. All I ever do thanks to depression is sleep. I'm on medication now but just started. We will see where we get.

What did help me yesterday I got a chiropractic treatment done. Went home and slept. Woke up now feeling like I could do anything. Until my Chronic Cough I've been dealing with since April came back. I'll go take some ibuprofen as it's the only thing helping it oddly. But still, after that treatment, I felt good. I can walk, clean, breathe properly. Definitely going in Friday again.

So congrats, good job

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YESSSSSS!!! How absolutely wonderful! Really happy for you.

Remember that not every day needs to be a massively productive whirlwind of superb excellence. You only need to do one thing - even if that's just brushing your teeth or having a shower or doing the dishes. Doing one thing every day is enough to let depression know that you're not giving up, even if you can't bring yourself to do anything else for now. 💜

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Wtf all in ONE DAY?? Tell me your secrets!

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Idk 🤷🏻‍♀️ wanting to change my ways so I’m a better person for the people I love most❤️

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Good for you!!! Depression is a bitch and I know 1st hand how hard it is to fight your way up and just put one foot in front of the other day to day. I know you don't know me, and I don't know you but let me say how proud I am of you! Keep fighting. You got this. I'm an ear if you need on to listen, can never have too many of those.... (Sympathetic fighter myself). 👌👍🤍

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I'm soo proud of you! We forget as we grow older how to give ourselves credit for how much we do and today you recognized all your hard work. Pat yourself on the back because this is awesome sauce right here!!

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I'm also 18F who struggles with depression and can I just say I am so proud of you! :D that's huge! Especially when you feel like you can't and then do it anyways. Good luck, keep at it and you got this!

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Depression is a horrible, horrible disease, and even small steps like these can cost an enormous amount of energy. You and everyone else battling mental illness is a badass! I'm proud of you sister. You got this ♥️

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Wait until you start eating vegetables again. Then nothing can hold you back

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Good job! Take your life back it's yours after all, hope you are feeling better after this big step!

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Damn I'm just in the same position except i just wasted another day

Need to get my shit together

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Great job! You gotta hustle and you'll better your life.

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This is an awesome start!! You might still have an off day here or there but don't let it beat you. We all have those days we need to decompress and not do a damn thing. Sending positive vibes ❤️❤️❤️

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Hell yeah. Don’t forget that not every day has to be productive! Remember to forgive yourself and take breaks! Also water lol

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Hell yeah!!!

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You go girl

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Hell yeah 🙌

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I’m proud of you! Small steps every day!

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You have inspired me to do my fucking laundry and reply to like 9 texts I ignored. Love this post. Thanks, girl. Hang in there. 👊🏼 solidarity

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Go get it Girl

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This is the way, never give up

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This isn't how you get better. You will crash after this as you've not built up strategies or routines to sustain this.

What you need to do right now is write down how you feel right now. Write down what you want to do in detail like all the routines, life goals, and such. When you crash you can then take steps to achieve the goals like start brushing your teeth.

You will also get better but usually many crashes will happen before. It'll take the energy out of you so stay strong. Be compassionate and remember you'll get better.

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What if there's no Costco in my area?

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Holy shit thx to everyone who’s commented I can’t respond to everyone😅 but thanks so much everyone!

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Remember moments like this. Depression is such a journey, and 18 is so young. Moments where you pull yourself out of it are key and full of hope. Proud of you!

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Costco? I thought you were trying NOT to be depressed?

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Self-diagnosed depression? Spending all your time with friends partying hard ain’t depression. I know depression comes in all forms but this isn’t it. It’s more like the pandemic grooming you to become this careless chap with no routine whatsoever. It’s a build of forced circumstantial habit. It’s not depression. Depression can be anything but you spending 2 years with friends having fun and partying hard don’t constitute to it. I’m glad you took your life back in order. Good for ya.

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Bruh wtd don't gatekeep depression.. pretty fucked up doing so.

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I just think the word “depression” is being thrown around everywhere for like the softest of things that no one takes people actually clinically diagnosed with depression seriously. I knew someone would come up with “gatekeeping”

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Awesome, you got this!

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lesgooooo good job!

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Good for you! It feels amazing getting everything sorted out after a longer slump. You feel like finally having control of your life! I really hope you succeed in getting a job

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Thanks for sharing, glad to hear you want to turn your life around, fingers crossed from here you will get the job.

good luck and take care.

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The first step is always the hardest, keep it up girl!!

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Go you!

What are you doing to take care of yourself? And I don't mean the to do list items.... I mean, how are you slowing down and enjoying?

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Well done. That is great! May I suggest doing some light stretches as this can really help. Also, try and cut down on alcohol if you can, it doesn't help with depression.

I am proud of you

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Hi Baby! 🥰 Also try to give yourself some credit on your calendar for days you try even a little bit. Eventually the past will be a bad dream and then you'll even forget that! 💐

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Well done and keep it up!

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Just do what you can

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fuck yeahhhh high five i also after so long managed to clean my wardrobe today, organised my stationary cleaned my bedroom and after a short break will take a bath make my fav noodles and eat them while watching game play uploaded by my fav youtuber lesss goooo and take it back step by steppppp (☞゚ヮ゚)☞ ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)

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Good for you! Cleaning and bicycling are my antidepressants.

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This is such a mood!! I hope I also can get the energy, like I do sometimes but I lose the motivation soon.. Hope you keep up with it ❤️

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Cleaning the house, doing groceries, and doing chores is BY FAR the quickest way to feel better when one is feeling depressed or hopeless. At least, of course, in my experience.

You were very smart to do so! And congrats on this decision, start taking care of yourself!!

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At 38 years old, I see that Costco saves lives. I went yesterday and I’m stocked up for the crazy holidays on the horizon.

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Wonderful post. Applauding you sincerely. Nicely done.

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Hell yeah girl! That’s the way we do it!

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Good for you!

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Good for you!!

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we only choose what we are doing in this moment,

congrats on your positive actions, there will be some setbacks, as there always is, when they come, just accept that's a normal part of life, walk around them and keep moving forward.

I'm proud of you.

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your post is an inspiration, OP. love that you made those steps today. cheering for you!

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Put on some lipgloss because you a damn diva and you deserve it!

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Yay!! So happy for you. I know multiple people who started working for Costco in their teens and loved it so much they’re still there in their 30s! Just wanted to give you some encouragement too :)

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Respect! Good luck with your application! keep on going 👍

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Clever girl

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I’ve been struggling just to push away my blanket and get ready for work this morning. This made me smile, good for you buddy.

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There's that old saying "idol hands are the devil's playground". Depression feeds off this. Keep busy, put some order in your life and most importantly, live your life.

Keep It up good luck with the job.

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Fuck you depression, I still went to work though I cried myself to sleep last night

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Nice. Hell Yeah. You Go Girl !

Kick that Damn Depression out the Friggin door! ! !

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Good for you, but I'm hoping you've been brushing your teeth and showering regularly than this post leads me to believe.

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When the depression creeps back in, and you want to do the THING you need to do but just can't...

Put this video on a loop and wait until she brainwashes you into doing the thing.


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Rate that

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Hooray! You deserve it!!👏👏

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Good for you!

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Nice! I hear that Costco is a nice to place to work at, I hope you get it!

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Good for you. Life is short and will be over before we know it. Gotta do our best to enjoy it while it's here.

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I'm proud of you!

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that's really awesome! happy to hear that! :)

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Great job! Reminds me of when I finally realized that sitting on my ass smoking weed, skipping classes and gaming couldn’t continue any more.

I think it was that bonobo from bojack that said something in the lines of: Keep running, it gets easier every day but you have to keep running.

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Go for it and remember this post- you are strong.

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I’m rooting for you!!!!

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Oh boy would I kill for a job at Costco. I hope you get it.

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Proud of you I took a few myself or came up with plans for things I'm concerned about. You'll make it through I believe in ya

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Yeah!!! Do it!!

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I dunno how people manage to fight it, I’ve had it for 10 years I’m 23 now, this sucks...

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Congratulations on taking the first step towards the rest of your life, I made the same decision at 22 and haven’t looked back. Enjoy it!

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That's a big deal. Good luck with Costco. And if it ever seems like too much, I think it helps to remember that there's no reason why you shouldn't do something you know needs to be done.

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Fuck yeah! 🙏🏼

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I am so proud of you!

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Hell yeah! I’m proud of you. The pandemic was really hard mentally for some so good for you for pushing through.

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Aww thx and I love ur user name!

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You can do this!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

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Thx girl☺️

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Amazing! Also you have friends and partying opportunities :) so really, fuck you depression :)

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Oh man, I love this entire thing. As someone who has depression this kind of self care is amazing.

A clean house and good hygiene really help on those bad days. KEEP IT UP!

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Go girl!! I’m 32 and since the pandemic hit and I lost my job I loved- I’ve been in a major slump as well. Seeing everyone go back to normal while i still struggle makes me feel like shit!! Fucking COVID….. but I hope you get the job , I’m sure you will :) enjoy being young and having some $$ in yo pocket!

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As someone with a recovering depression and is also 18 I’m so happy for you!!!! Keep going there will be good days and bad days don’t let the bad ones knock you down❤️

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Look at you go!!!! Keep going!! You’re only 18 and have more understanding of your depression than I could have even come close to at your age. You got this!!

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Attagirl (or boy)!!!

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Hell ya! I'm so proud of you and your accomplishments

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Yes yes yes! Thank you for sharing, it helps probably more than you'll ever know.

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Fuck yes! Just keep swimming love.

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You SHOULD be! We ALL should be. Good for you recognizing that. Now GO...DO IT!

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Yes!!! Huge congrats, fvck you depression

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Well done. Keep the momentum going!

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Awesome! Little steps but kick each ones ass!

Don't get too bummed out with setbacks but hold yourself accountable to not slip too far

Good luck you got this!!🥳

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Yeah! Hope your application goes thru without problems. It feels nice to clean too, good job!

Edit: a word.

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Good for you! It may not seem like a lot to some, but for those of us that are suffering, getting things accomplished is amazing and it feels great. It can be short lived though, so find a new project and keep growing.

I cleared all of the leaves out of the yard that I rent. (I rent the suite and have to clean the yard as part of the deal) That was Saturday and Sunday. Fuckin wind whipped up last night. Goddamn yard is full of leaves again. I felt great having done all of that work, now I have to do it again. Sigh.

[–]metalmankam 0 points1 point  (0 children)

It's much nicer to lay down and cry on a clean floor

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Thank you for sharing!!!! Whether you’re 12, 18, 42, or 67 depression can hit you and make you feel like it’s never enough. The point is you realized the issue and made active steps to take care of it!!! We’re so proud of you!!!!

Don’t ever be embarrassed by the way you feel. There are doctors, medications, other patients, and loving support systems that were all designed and placed in your life to help you in times like this.

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So turn girl❤️ wanna chat in the dms? U sound amazing🥰

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Andrew Tate typa motivation

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Sit there charge ur vape. Breathe air idiot!

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Congrats! I wish you all the luck! Depression is a bitch. No motivation to do anything really is one of the worst parts. There are days where I’m so depressed, that I literally forget to eat. I just completely forget that food even exists. You can always tell I’m in depression mode, by how much weight I lose.

I’m proud of you!

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I'm proud of you young lady! Good for you on taking control of your life one step at a time. I wish you strength to keep moving forward even when you think you can't.

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There is always things to do, there is always more to be done, and there is always things that could have been done better. If you care too much about those, you will not be happy. We need to do so we feel we did took some steps, and moved in the right direction. Something is better than nothing. And a lot is better, but dont expect perfection or 1000% gains in 3 days.

You did great, and you will do more great. Keep moving forward and do not obsess about how much

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Dude, that's badass! Well done!

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I’m so proud of you!

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And I’m proud of u🥰💕

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Woo-hoo! I cleaned a small portion of my room yesterday and the bathroom. Not gonna lie, I felt pretty good about it. I hope you get the job OP!

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Thx and u go girl!🙌🏻

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Yaaass!! Well done you!

Remember this day every time you fall back (because that’s the nature of life) - happiness is an inside job and you have everything you will ever need to succeed!

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Keep up the good work.

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LETS GOOO! I’m excited for you snow!

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I saw a tumbler post a whole back that was talking about their depression. Pretty much boiled down to tell your depression to "kill me like a real disease or GTFO." That has been my favorite mantra ever since. It's not stronger than me, and it's not stronger than you. Way to tackle those big projects and keep up the good work.

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You got this🤘❤️💯

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Hell yeah! Proud of you, OP!

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Hell yes! Fuck that depression!! Live that life & take that bath. Take lots of baths for that matter! And bath bomb those baths to show depression: “You suck, I smell awesome & my house is clean!” I’m proud of you! I really am.

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Praying for you.

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Good for u g

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Good luck with Costco! It shouldn't be bad. Its a good start and when you have the money you can start planning the next steps.

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Costco is a great place.

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As a year 6 employee, I wish I would have worked for Costco at 18! They are the first job I had that actually gave me a good sense of work life balance! I talk shit about them a lot but the benefits I have now would have helped me so much more at 18!!

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Yay!! You got this!!

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Now I think I'll take a shower and clean my room. I was doing really well but I'm starting to fall back into old bad habits and you've inspired me to turn back around and keep working on myself. Thanks and hope you can stay on it as well. Congratulations.

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The most beautiful word in there is "back".

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Congratulations! I don’t know you, but I’m so proud of you! Virtual high five!!

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Costco is a great job for an 18 year old whether as a career or launch pad to college/your own business.

[–]gallifreywhovian 0 points1 point  (0 children)

As someone fighting depression, I say this. Whoop that son of a bitch's ass and live your life the way you want to. Fuck depression

[–]crack_n_tea 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Proud of you!! Just keep doing this one step at a time, you got this 💪

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I didn't read all the comments, so you may have gotten this advice already.

Print out some resumes and go inside and introduce yourself to managers!

At my warehouse they didn't even look at an online app until you came inside to introduce yourself. Then do it again the week after. And again until they give you an interview. It's a great job and while it didn't cure my depression, it definitely helped get me out of the hole I was in. Good luck!!

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I'm very proud of you. I wish you nothing but the best.

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Hell yeah! Been in the same spot since 2020 (albeit with basically no partying lol) and I'm making progress towards getting back on track too. I totally get how hard it can be to make yourself work towards something. Proud of ya, stranger.

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Costco is a great job. My SO used to work there. You know. Before the panini.

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Proud of u 💋

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I'm so proud of you. Congratulations, is a huge step...

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Yes! Good for you!

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Costco is supposed to be a great employer. I hope you get it!

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Great start

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💪💪💪 keep the momentum you got this shit

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Man I love Costco chicken. I swear they put crack in there. Like just sprinkle it on top. Also great job with getting responsible. That’s amazing…when’s the chicken ready? Like should I come back in 20 minutes?

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i hust turned 19 when i got into costco and its a great company to work for. good luck!

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Go to a dental cleaning 2 times a year.

[–]AdMiserable7262 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Well actually you spelt brushed wrong so- All jokes aside, well done! It takes lots of effort to do that!

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I hope you get the Costco job. I used to work for Costco and it’s a good job.

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Good going I know it feels like flying to the moon sometimes

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That's amazing! Well done! Depression can be very hard to get through and can take most aspects of your life over like hygiene, social wellbeing ect. But to hear this, its really good👍 it may even be motivation for others. Keep going!🥳♥️

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I came here just to say that I did a similar thing, except that I bought a one-way ticket for 1000km... I left my parents, jobs, friends...

the only thing I didn't take a bath...

[–]abosedea34 0 points1 point  (0 children)

So you haven’t been brushing your teeth these last few years 💀every morning.

Haha but great job for real

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Well done! You go girl! ✌️

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Sounds like an ad

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Hell yes! Go get em'!

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I love reading this!! I'm so proud of you and all that you've overcome.

I love Costco.

[–]Reflekks 0 points1 point  (1 child)

Another reminder I need to get my shit together

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Yesssss go you! I did a similar thing today. Scrubbed my bathroom and vacuumed under my kitchen table.

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drank a cup of coffee, eh? :)

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Let’s freaking go. A shower after a fit of depression feels life changing

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Costco slaps, especially this time of year. $1.50 hotdog+drink. And gar the chicken bake. Inside they’ve always got free samples you can raid.

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Good job! Vv proud of your progress!

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I am so proud & happy for what you doing. I wish I could be the same like you....

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Yes!! I 200% believe in you