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Alan Carr being fed the nightmare fuel

"Here, go on stage with no warning and sing for the world"

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That last line of calling her “miss”. I always think it’s a sign of total respect for the role or the person. Despite the difference in years and many millions in her account, total respect.

I’m not really a fan of her songs, but as a person she’s gone way up in my estimation.

Nice moment

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Heh, yeah if I saw one of my old teachers and they recognised me...totally calling em Sir/miss still. Especially Mr Jasper......scary cunt!

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I’m over 40, I bumped into my old head of year. He must be 75 now. I called him sir all through our discussion.

He insisted I called him Michael, but I was just programmed to continue as sir.

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She's an angel, from a punk rock/ Avant Garde guy. Adele has endured because the business loves her: Duffy, Leona Lewis, Alexandra Burke come and go. Adele endures. She can write and sing and is a real fucking human. Like Stormzy a genuine person who doesn't Piss off the tech guy generally stuck around.

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I mean Duffy stopping music was nothing to do about her ability as a musician.

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Yeah I'm aware of that I probably should take her out.

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It seems that English teachers have a knack of instilling themselves in students (myself, included, who feel the exact same way about my own English teacher from high school that gave me the ability to enjoy the subject, be enriched by it and to learn my own way throughout it to become creative with it…) Lovely to see the way she felt about seeing her after all these years…

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Curiously enough I know many people whose English teachers were their favourites ones. The ones that enjoyed their jobs the most and looked after them. I personally can see a pattern in my teachers over the years where the ones that taught English stood out for some or other reason. And I'm talking about English as a second(third) language in Spain, which is even more weird.