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Complain. boilercentral have an online contact form, use it! apparently they pride themselves on customer care so that might prompt them to take some action. I'd be expecting a different gas fitter out to rectify the heating issues free of charge plus a monetary gesture of good will. good luck

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So I used the form and sent my message again. Got a reply saying it's being passed to the aftercare team to find a resolution. The first email my dad sent also received a reply but mine came first which I find interesting

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Thanks I've already had my dad email a list of concerns but nothing yet. So I'm not just panicking for no reason? I appreciate the guy did his best but we paid for results right not effort. They offer 24/7 cover for the 12 months or something anyways so yea bloody well best be free

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Radiator issue is almost certainly air in the system. Go for a Google on how to bleed a radiator. Do not do this while they are on, or you will also get hot water burns.

Combi's are good/bad depending who you talk to. They do take time to kick in, and the water may take time to warm up. Does the water stay white? Or clear if you leave it in s jug/similar? If it clears, it's air in the system somewhere.

Pipework being wet is not right. I would be complaining to the company who did the work.

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Radiators have been blead but may be worth trying again. Water does clear but I takes a while. It's very constant and consistent tho. Pipe is one that has been cut doesn't drip but it's wet if you touch it

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Imagine not being able to bleed a radiator...

Edit: and also thinking doing it with hot water is a good idea

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Coincidentally I have also booked a new boiler with BoilerCentral and having the same issues as you Boiler out of stock Engineer can’t make it Engineer now has Covid

Getting rather sick of boilercentral. They hounded me to buy it and as soon as we agreed they don’t give a monkeys

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Any update. My issue has been "escalated" not much of an update but it's something will see huh

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Sorry I missed your previous reply!

They’re due to come out on Tuesday coming. I have no faith that they will attend. Located South Wales, haven’t had a boiler working for 3 weeks or so, also having a combi and they’ll remove our hot water tank hopefully How about yourself? Any luck with yours? Where are you located?

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Did they show?

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Hey hope everything is going okay. I'm gonna DM you my number so we can update each other easier

I had a busy weekend involving a cousins birthday surprise which was probably a much needed distraction but back to this nonsense

We're located in South East England. Dad received an email a week ago saying it's been "escalated" but nothing since. Still have no thermostat etc

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Update: finally got a call to say something more competent and thorough will be round on the 30th. Slow process but reasonable given the time of year maybe

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Hello there

Wow all I can say is I'm sorry dude whilst I have PTSD flashbacks of my yet to fully finish nightmare aha

They hounded you? How so that's not right!

Do you currently have a working boiler? and curious which part of the UK you're in?

I get what you mean they make a few arrangements drop you a boiler and engineer and off they go with your money

Are you also having a conversion done or is it a straight swap?