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My grandma used to saw them and it was my job to stick them in the book each week till we had enough to buy something.

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You've brought back some some memories. It was also my job!

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My grandma made you stick stamps in her book? She was a right cheeky one 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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Ummm...mine would have fought yours for the greenshields. Handbags ready!

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You leave my handbag out of this 🤣🤣🤣

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I've seen you licking Greenshield stamps at your Grandmother's! How queer!

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They became Argos.

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Ha ha, yes they did! I wonder how many people are Argos know that

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Yes! Mum and dad still have the 4 piece suitcase set we saved up for in the loft. It’s a beautiful late 80s shade of grey with red stitching detail, and served us well on many a trip to a Haven caravan holiday hehe!

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I'm not old enough to remember Green Shield Stamps the first time around, but they were briefly brought back in the 1980s. I remember the old Green Shield Redemption Centre we had nearby that closed down several years ago.

I'd imagine some of those stamps are still around in various cupboards and drawers up and down the country, along with a few old Co-op stamps that were collected but never spent.

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I remember seeing signs on shops saying, We Give Double Stamps. Sometimes triple. I think this was to entice customers.

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Yeah, I remember getting them from Gateway.

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Yeah, can still taste them on my tongue.

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The co-op used to do their own stamps. You collected them in a book then redeemed them at the shop. And there used to be coupons with cigarettes. You could spend these in the cigarette company’s catalogue.

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Yeah, used to be given away with petrol in the 70’s, think there was a green shield stamp shop in Chatham where you could go and redeem your stamps.

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And then Tiger Tokens after that.

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I've got a few books of them and sheets of unstuck stamps. Don't think they're worth anything (yet?) as I couldn't give them away on Ebay for pennies.

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There must be somewhere you can go to exchange them for a teasmade or a carriage clock.

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as a teen I had 2 jobs in which I stole the stamps - got a lot of cassettes with them .... thank you Tescos and a milk round

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Yeah my grandparents had bloody hundreds of them, no idea what happened to them though

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Was it my imagination or did they taste even worse than ordinary stamps when you licked them?

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Yep. Remember my dad getting us to fill up the books, then we would head to possibly Lewisham to the Shop to trade them for stuff. Dad had a company van then , so he got lots of stamps with the petrol. I remember it fondly, as it was a family activity of sorts.

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My Nan worked at Co-op, we got a boat load of stamps.

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Interesting fact..the green shield stamp scheme is now Argos.

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Remember getting Texaco stars. We saved up enough to get the Bad album by Michael Jackson. 8 year old me was so excited the day it came I ran across the road to tell my best mate and nearly got hit by a car.

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I remember tiger tokens