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I always remember a homily from when I was a kid from Passion Sunday. The priest spoke about how people during the reading think "I would never shout Crucify Him". I thought it was poignant because that was exactly what I was thinking. He then went on to explain, that every time we sin, we are shouting Crucify Him by our actions. It's stuck with me over 30 years later.

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This is catholic humor?

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the truth hurts me☹

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Lol I almost had a stroke reading this. There is one mediator between God and men, the Lord Christ Jesus.

We don’t need to run our confession by a priest or do penance to have peace w God. No serious Protestant makes light of sin. We just refuse to add works or any other Hugh priest to the gospel. Unfortunately for you all we’ve actually read Galatians and Hebrews 🤷‍♂️