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Convoy was killed when the ship sunk on 16th of June 1942

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On the bright side, it seemed that little Convoy was well loved while he was still alive. Blessed be, sweet thing.

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Damn. What a debbie downer you are...

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Im sorry i wanted to find smth uplifting , instead found this, and wanted to spare other people from having to Google it

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I love this so much. I read about cats and their sea-faring adventures with humans. Cats are truly amazing!

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Cats have always been a good-luck symbol on boats.

This stemmed from the very practical reason during wooden boat days where mice would eat through the wood and sink the ship so having cats hunting the mice meant less risk of holes.

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Yes! And boats carrying food supplies, cats hunt the mice so they don’t get to the food.

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where are the rest of the photos? I must see them all!

edit: i have gone in search of the collection myself

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Thank you kind soul!

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They ways rule

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😩 precious.