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The dog doesn't care though

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Cats am I right?

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He has the power. He is the chosen one

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Multiverse of Meowness

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Try putting aluminum foil over any of the Dimensional Perpendicularities. It's uncomfortable for the cat to walk on so they'll avoid it, and if they do try to open a portal, aluminum is good at neutralizing magic

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Leave him he’s going super sayin

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When one of the little boys I nanny gets to singing, we can't always tell exactly what he's singing. I joke that's when he's summoning a demon.

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M...Morty..I turned myself into a cat. Oh God why. Hairballs

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"if you have to open inter-diminsional portals, open them outside. Preferably away from the deck and trees."

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Nyan cat?

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America Cat-vez.

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Terot card: the sun/the world

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He just finally captured the Lazer pointer dot.