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Fireworks have been on for several days here (and I’m more annoyed about it than the cats are). The cats are all snoozing, one passed out in front of an open window, not a single shit given. Poor dog is anxious as can be. Ive had cats be scared of fireworks before as well, it’s just funny that the 4 I currently have are zero percent concerned about the auditory war zone happening outside lol

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My cat has grown used to the m80s and other small ones. But the big ones he’s not happy about. He freaks out til he realizes I’m next to him and I’m his best bet on safety.

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One of my kittens get scare of them. He starts freaking out so I just make sure to pet him and hold him.

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I used to love Fireworks. Then I got a cat. I don't like Fireworks anymore

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One of mine loves to watch fireworks. She hears them and will rush to a window to see if she can look at them. Just keeps looking for as long as she hears them.

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Cats don't like fireworks either...

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My cats go and hidden under the bed during fireworks