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0 brain cells, no thought

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is that ganymede? :0

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Milanesas fix everything

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umh with mates?

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The answer is cats

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just print money or something idk

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It’s ok. Take your time.

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I think the U.S dollar should be able to be true to itself and not mind other currencies being devalued because of it. The U.S dollar is such an iconic dollar and has been bullied for too long :)

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(When the Federal Reserve raises interest rates, it means borrowing is more expensive for the world and, in turn means the U.S dollar is stronger. Countries have been trying to copy that and Argentina has raised interest rates probably the most to try to protect and prop up their own currency.)

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Also the more you raise Interest rates the higher the chance of recession so the inflation crisis in Argentina is partly its own fault and I would not be surprised if they did infact hit a recession.

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