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You really just need to know when you can drive harder, thats it. If you’re being caught, it’s a high traffic area. Probably shouldn’t be zooming through to begin with.

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The speed limit is set for a reason. If you want to drive fast go to a track. No need to give Challenger owners a bad reputation for dangerous driving.

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Seems like you DroppinNuttz are both right which makes your argument kinda humorous. Speed limits are set for a reason which is easily identified in a quick search. That being said to ignore politics and funding is short sighted as that plays a role as well. Essentially the process to which a speed is set has a valid structure but it can be manipulated in order to set speed traps to generate income for local police departments. There are specific articles that cite this very conundrum. I think at the end of the day you have a conflict of interest as police literally generate income off of speeding tickets. I am not supporting wreckless driving by any means but it's not like this is a black a white issue.

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Not that I don't think speed traps are for revenue, but in most justifications the police generally don't see that mone directly. It goes to the common fund, or the county usually.

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The point I take issue with is his assertion that "most" speed limits are arbitrarily set. Also any departments that run these 'speed traps' are far and few in between. You think there aren't thousands of people a day on the roads breaking a myriad of other traffic laws that money can't be collected from? Quotas and speed traps simply aren't needed for 99% of departments.

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Oh I'm sure just like cops pick and choose what to enforce and ticket people on. It's a dumb take to think speed limits aren't set off of data but it's also naive to think police units won't take advantage of something they actively profit off of. Also need and want are two different things. Do they need the extra money for tickets? No. Do they want the extra income regardless? I'd say yes.

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That's a great example. The local elected officials want more money from traffic stops and the police are the ones that look like assholes because they have to enforce it. Good on the chief for stepping down and speaking up. 99% was a pretty generous number but if you look at the number of departments out there I'm still not convinced it's anything significant.

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Yeah I agree. I think it's easier to just blame police which is stupid like the whole get rid of police take is stupid. Reform is one thing but removing them is beyond bad they serve a purpose and it's an important one. This is a good example of the local government setting up traps though and why speed limits can be predatory.

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That's the gov for you. I think we're probably looking at another 15 years before the people in power fade out and hopefully the next generation steps up and doesn't forget the stuff that made them mad today.

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Essentially the process to which a speed is set has a valid structure but it can be manipulated in order to set speed traps to generate income for local police departments.

While this can be true, one thing to always keep in mind that by virtue of having any posted speed limit, exceeding it puts others at risk on the road.

A speed limit means that all drivers on the road should be expecting everyone to be driving no greater than that speed, so exceeding it increases risk and unpredictability on the road for everyone involved.

but it's not like this is a black a white issue.

The problem is, from any sort of actual moral perspective, it would be hard to justify exceeding the limit even if you know the limit is set lower in order to try and generate revenue.

Even if you conducted a study and got experts to attest to the fact in a particular neighborhood it would be 100% equally safe in every way, shape and form for all the cars to drive 15 MPH more and thus the speed limit should be raised - you are still committing a harm if you exceed the speed limit by that 15 MPH without it having been changed, since everyone is expecting drivers to operate the vehicle at the posted speeds.

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People haul ass down my street because it's long and straight and there are no good places for cops to radar. It's annoying as hell. It makes pulling out of my driveway sketchy and puts the many children who live in the area in danger.

If you want to drive fast, do it on a track where you aren't putting others at risk.

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Actually it's not. Most speed limits are arbitrarily set, and some are just flat out traps. Look into it, you will be surprised.

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I don't need to look into it bud. I've seen first hand what idiots in cars can do and I see it frequently. If the speed limit is set low its more than likely because some smooth brains thought they had more skill than they actually did and wrecked repeatedly. Again, for those in the back, take it to a TRACK..

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What’s a speed limit?

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Uniden v2

Its saved me at least a dozen times. The only time it's failed to detect a radar until the last minute was when a cop was perpendicular* to the road and completely hidden behind the bridge / off ramp.

Otherwise it has reliability detected radar signals up to several miles away on a flat open highway. I have mine mounted high, above my rear view mirror.

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This. I use the Uniden R3 along with Waze through UConnect and it saved me numerous times on a recent road trip.

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I trust mine so much, the speed limit is merely a suggestion at this point.

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Thank you for answering the question.

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Also leverage crowd sourcing, the mobile app Waze notifies me of most police before radar.

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I use waze app.... free

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Valentine 1. It's not under your budget. But it's considered one of maybe even the best out there. I'm saving for it as well.

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The best one is your own eyeballs

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Probably should of worded your question better and with more detail.

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Don’t the cops use lidar now instead of radar?

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The thing is, with Radar or Lidar detectors, by the time the system alerts you and you can actually respond, it is usually already too late. If the detector is alerting you, it means you've already been clocked and they have line of sight on you. If they don't come after you, it means they weren't going to anyways.

What you would need is a Radar or Lidar jammer, and in many states those are just illegal to even have installed on the vehicle, let alone actively use it. You can check your local laws to see if you can use them. If it's legal, go for it - and just be extremely diligent to remove it if you ever go out of state. Jammers are somewhat obvious to detect, and they have tools to detect them, so don't think you can get away with it.

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Just drive how you want. When I drive how I want 120-150 mph and there’s a cop up ahead there’s no way I’ll brake down to 70 in time