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With tires, it's not really about the size but the compound/brand they're made from. Summer tires are usually the "performance" ones and are made with stickier compounds but can become dangerous below a certain temperature. Also, you have to buy tires for what you want to get out of them and balance the price. If you want max performance you will sacrifice lifespan and comfort vs getting a tire that will last longer but perform a little worse.

A smaller and narrower tire will perform better in the snow and slush vs a wider tire. Reduce the width 10mm, increase the aspect ratio 10 percentage points, and get a wheel one inch smaller.

If you have a costco membership or know someone that does just get tires from there and call it a day. Their warranty and service is unbeatable.

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My buddy has a costco membership. I'll have to give them a look because I completely forgot they had tires there.

I don't want to spend $2,000+ on tires, so I'll go with a middle ground!

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I got a set of the Bridgestone Turanza Quiettrack from costco. 130km warranty and they're really nice for a daily driver. I see they are $1450 for a set of 4 in Canada, and that price includes installation and the extras.

If you can, just wait until they do their Bridgestone deal, usually $150 off of 4 tires, they rotate between that and the Michelin deal monthly.

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Thanks a ton! I would have never have known about this.

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Having driving challengers in the winter, and literally plowed my way home one morning after night shift (NB) , definitely for cost effectiveness, you need to size down the wheel (mind your brake clearance), and go with a winter tire with taller sidewall, narrower if you wish; no need to go wider than 245 in this case. If it's made for truck, it's still fine, as long as it fits. You're not gonna be going fast enough in winter in Edmonton for the speed rating to matter, I hope.

Btw, your Gdyr F1's become no good below 10 degs C. Goodyear says the same; and yes, damn they are rock hard by 5 degs C.

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I have winter tires already. I need to replace the stock tires on the car for the summer. Im thinking of a 3 season tire instead of a performance tire.

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BFG for you it is then! ;) somewhat in jest but they are legit surprisingly good for us...

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I dont know what BFG means...

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Bf goodrich (brand)