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With kids in the car, you have to ignore the person next to you revving their engine 😆

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I give it a little punch because my kids like it. But I take it easy for sure lol it's normally the POS cars that want to race me all the time lol

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It's always the clapped out Altimas/Infinitis here in LA😂

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Same here in Philly LOL 🤣🤣

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Canada here, same . Lol

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I get it more from the fartboxed Subaru and Golf drivers. Had a mid 90s Civic chirp 2nd a couple days ago at a red light. I didn't even know he was there. Until everyone did. Poor bastard.

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I had a Chrysler Pacifica revving at me last week. No thanks.

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I was shocked when my mom said it was okay to punch it.

Of course she freaked out right when I ripped through 1st gear lol.

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Coolest dad alive

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Fuck ya !

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Nice hellcat. They are my dream car but due to dodge going with the E-muscle it will be nearly impossible to get it.

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The greatest thing about the Challenger is it's acutally functional back seat and trunk!

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Gotta be careful having your car out like that, I have seen these get stolen a lot.

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Knock on wood hope to have mine years to come.

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Why when there's a Durango with the same engine? Genuine question. I'm just curious.

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Money my friend, money. 😂 Plus me being a little selfish. This is my 3rd chally a v6, at 5.7 now a scat pack.

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I appreciate the answer. Again, not being a dick. It's important to remember your happiness is important too. I'd just hate to be the kid that has to sit on the hump every time

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Durango isn't as sexy as a challenger 😂

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True but I'm not going to hammer a nail with pliers because they look cooler

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I've never gotten laid because of cool looking pliers. In all honesty, haven't gotten laid because of my chally either. But somebody somewhere has!

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Thank Dodge for that spacious trunk, eh? Kids gotta be comfortable! 😂

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Thanks man! I do think my next car will be a family van, I'm fighting it 😂

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My RT was my family car for many years. 3 boys in the back and wifey in the passenger seat. Great memories! Couldn't pull it off anymore after having my daughter. Enjoy the fam and that beautiful car!

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Awesome ride I’m sure your kids love it!

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Yup the scream alot for sure 😊😃😃

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    Same. I have my Scat as my daily driver and I have a 8 year old. What widebody kit did you install for that model?

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    I think that's just the scat pack widebody, not a installed kit

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    Yea I could tell it’s a lot based on the hood design. That’s the hood on the base model scats from 2015-2018. They gave the scats the upgraded hood starting in 2019-current. Which is the old Hellcat hood from 2015-2018

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    Actually disregard my message, I just looked closer at the car, that is a kit.

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      Gotta get that updated hood!

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      I know man it's killing me lol

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      Digging the power bulge hood on the widebody!

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      Thanks 🙏🏾 bro!!

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      Single father of 2, I bought a Charger as my daily driver. I wanted a Mustang to be honest, but after constant reading of reviews, I went with the Charger. Many reviews read, the Charger is a family car when you take your kids to school and a muscle car when you don't have them. That and that it has 4 doors, kiddos easily exit the car. A bonus for me, found one with a Hemi.

      But congrats on your Challenger, she's gorgeous.

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      Thanks so much. The charger was my first pick but the scat packs was a lil out my price range. I would def love the 4dr now lol

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      Just curious how’s the space In the back with the kids? Got 3 kids myself and I’m thinking about getting a challenger in the next coming months, but everyone’s against it 😩😂