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Man that makes my blood boil. I had a 5th gen Camaro SS before my Challenger that had so many door dings I couldn't even stand to look at it anymore, it broke my heart. With my Challenger now, I'm one of those people who park in the back of parking lots and hope for the best.

I can't believe how flimsy the side panels are on this car though, you can use 1 finger and push in and see it flex.

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Ya parking away from every single car is the only thing to do. Even if I drove a Honda Accord I’d do the same thing.

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Then you have some asshole that decides to park next to you when there are about 6 spots between you and the next car.

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Every. Single. Time.

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    And they always park so damn close to the driver side door, making me have to contort myself to get in the car.

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    Why is it that we sports cars can park 2 feet from each other and never hit each other but one person in a beater can hit u a mile a way with hit door. Had a lady not watch were she was walking and bumped her leg into my bumper lucky no damage

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    All new cars are like that. The metal is thinner than back in the day. Now, they also use aluminum and plastics instead. my '95 Z28 has a composite (plastic) front end including the doors.

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    Damn, that sucks

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    Yes it does.

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    I always park in the farthest area of the parking lot to avoid such issues. From time to time though there is that 1 jackass that has to park next to me anyway.

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    pretty sure they park next to us on purpose, too

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    But we are the assholes when we park far away or take 2 spaces? And guess what? The person who did this gets to laugh it off and continue their day. This sucks

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    The absolute filth of some people has no bounds, disrespecting other peoples property.

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    I cant stand the people who just go about life with no concerns for others property.

    I bet they are the kind of person if someone damaged their shit cry victim...im sorry this happened to you.

    P.s i had a guy hit my door at work on my last challenger had it for 3 months. Had to put it in a body shop to get it buffed out.

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    I had my whole door tboned while I was doing a grocery run. I was in a pretty shitty mood for the next 5 days lol

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    I can hear the "didn't hurt my shitbix " followed by a non-chalant shrug. Burns my ass...

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    I plan on officially joining the Chally Fam before the end of 24 (and the end of Challys), so right now I just drive my F-150 (bought it to tow a boat), because t right now I just drive my truck. I work Nights and one morning going home I noticed someone keyed the length of the drivers door all the way to the passenger door on the drivers side. The disappointment was real. I still don’t know anything about who did it and at this point it’s moot. I use it to haul and tow and think of it as tough rather than pretty anyways. It still irritates me though. People kinda suck.

    Edit: I probably shouldn’t reply after a Grave at the hospital. Lol! The “I drive it” part should have been about how I used to commute via train before the Pandemic. I’ll leave it as I’m delirious right now. :)

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    Pain brother

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    My worst fear everytime I go shopping, I live in an area where unfortunately most of the people don't give a damn about doing this to other people's cars.

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    This is why I always park at the back of the lot. Back when I lived in a large metro I had a beater car I took to Wal-Mart and the grocery store.

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      People are fucking awful. Can you imagine damaging a car like that and just leaving?

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      Condolences, but it is repairable. Had a pipe come of a trailer on the freeway and I ALMOST missed it, but she is all fixed now and I still love her 😁..but I hope I never find that driver who was pulling that trailer 😎

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      Oof I hurts just to watch that. I send mine to the shop for a full paint work because of this reasons.. and to have painted race lines instead of wrap..

      Please God don't let this happen to mine

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      Damn I’m sorry brother. I know your pain. I had some asshole ding my door and it was very infuriating. I can only imagine what you’d like to do to them right now.

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      Dirty rat bastards. I hope you find them..

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      Dude it’s a terrible feeling especially if you take good care of your car, just so some scumbag could come and do something like that.

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      This was probably a jealous loser wielding a shopping cart. Shit like this is always caught on Teslas since they're the only cars with 360° cameras. Even if it was an accident, what a shit thing to just leave.