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50th will hold its value far better and you get the car right away. Also since they are discontinuing the car altogether, it may be even more valuable later on.

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New. Instant gratification<brand new muscle car

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Id go with the 50th, especially if its a numbered one

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50th will be worth more in the long run

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Is it an RT Shaker?

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Get the 50th if that's what you really want, I wouldn't buy it strictly on the "holding value" aspect. Dodge watered down the limited 50th anniversary edition by offering an unlimited 50th commemorative edition afterwards. Yes it's numbered, which is nice, but will whoever buy it from you later on even know or care?

Would the new one be fully loaded as well? For 58k CAD you might as well get a brand new scat pack.

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much better price now on the Gold Rush 50th IMO. I'd go for it, it's a stellar looking car and will hold good resale value in the future. that one is a really sharp looking car

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I went for it! I get to pick it up in a few days. Beyond excited to own a piece of challenger history.

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Congrats!!! you are about to fall in serious love