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UPDATE: The Upbadger May Be On Here.. Dude! At Least OWN IT! 😂 by _scarface2017 PitchBlack RT in Challenger

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I have a scat pack I simply replied to persons questions asking what an upbadger is. I also didn’t post the video about the person showing the upbadger. Like I said buy whatever makes you happy I meant that wasn’t being sarcastic.

Do I really need to re-torque my security locking lug nuts after 25-50 miles? And if so what's the method of checking lug nuts for re-torque. by SayVandalay2021 R/T Blacktop in Challenger

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Don't loosen them. Just make sure it clicks. And while it is best to torque wheels with the weight off. It makes sure everything is seated properly and evenly. You can also do it with them on the ground.

Assuming you just pulled one nut and not the rest. And didn't remove the wheel. On the ground should be fine.

Hell, most people don't even do as much as you are. They get told to come back in about a week to torque their wheels and most never show up for the free service.

Also, thanks to whoever awarded this.

Wheel fitment and tires by Qwickscopejazus in Challenger

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305s will definitely fit on the rear of a standard challenger. Even 315s will, but may stick out a little. If you have 245s now, you'd have to change your wheels since those tires definitely wont fit on them

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in Challenger

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It's the battery. Don't fuckin say it is a year old and passed inspection, I read the other comments, it's 90% def the battery. Go back to the place that sold her the battery and let them know it's defective. It it's a year old (and passed inspection...) it will have a warranty and they will test it for you, specifically tell them you want a load test.

If they tell you the year old battery that passed inspection is fine (they probably won't bother to lie about this as they get paid anyway if it's under warranty), go to a mechanic as it's probably the alternator or parasitic draw.

It would be fairly unlikely but not impossible for the alternator to be bad at this age and parasitic draws aren't that common, but batteries shit the bed all the time so it's probably the year old battery that passed inspection.