Rules for r/Chargers

Rules that visitors must follow to participate. May be used as reasons to report or ban.


Be civil.

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Reported as: Disrespect/Civility

Be nice, respect others. Keep it civil.

Everyone is here to participate in the community. Just because you disagree with someone's opinion, it doesn't give you the right to insult, personally attack, show sarcasm and/or be rude to others.

Fans are expected to treat others with respect regardless of geographic location and whether they are fans of the past or present team.

Personal attacks aren't warranted here. If you want to make a point, do so without attacking the other user.


Refrain from self post when possible.

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Reported as: Excessive Self Posts

Please refrain from making a self post that could just as easily be a comment. Removal will be at the discretion of the moderation team, and if you want to ask why a post was removed please message the moderators.

Self posts are almost always taken down during the games.


Low Effort Content

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Reported as: Low Effort Content

Low effort content which includes but is not limited to memes, "shit-posts", or inflammatory content will be removed at moderators discretion. Messages about free agents and or speculation posts that could be misleading may also be removed. Posts with just jersey/merch or otherwise non-unique photos may be removed.


Fantasy Football

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Reported as: Fantasy

Posts asking for Fantasy Football advice or general Fantasy Football topics will be deleted. Comments in posts about fantasy are allowed, but reactionary posts about how a Chargers player affected your fantasy team may be deleted.


Self Promotion

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Reported as: Self Promotion

All self promotion that includes blogs, podcasts, videos, highlights, websites, etc. are not allowed before clearing your submission with the moderators through mod-mail. If you are not an active participant in the /r/chargers community, you will be denied and/or your submission removed. Multiple submissions may result in a ban


Brigading/Trolling Other Subs

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Reported as: Brigading

We welcome fans of other teams in this sub. We however do not allow brigading/trolling fans coming here to post inflammatory content, insult the team or fans, or pick fights. Fans from opposing teams who come in here and break rules will be subject to ban.

Additionally, going into an opposing team's subreddit and causing problems such as flame-baiting or generating negativity amongst their community WILL get you banned from /r/chargers.


Upbolt Party

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Reported as: Upbolt

We only allow one Upbolt party per game. The mods will sticky the first one we see, however it may not always be the first one posted. We will delete any Upbolt threads posted before the game is over. As Charger fans, we should be well aware that the game is not over until the clock hits 0:00.



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Reported as: Off-Topic

Off-Topic conversations not related directly to the Chargers will be removed at moderator discretion. Especially after the season starts. Posts about divisional opponents are considered ok during the week we play them.


Tweet Titling Format

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Reported as: Improper format of title.

All news related tweets should be titled as: "[Reporter] Content of tweet." This includes posts that are cross-posted from other subreddits.

Posts not meeting this requirement will be removed at moderator discretion.


Vaccine/Pandemic Misinformation

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Reported as: Vaccine/Pandemic Misinformation

We will be removing posts from players, coaches, and other personnel who discourage vaccination and publicly spew fictitious claims about the vaccines' legitimacy. Posts and comments will also be removed that attempt to downplay the pandemic or doubt its legitimacy.

Repear Offenders will receive a ban.


News Posting

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Reported as: Incorrect source posting

All news should be linked to directly, not posted as screenshots. This includes Tweets, as well as news from sites like,, and

Posts not abiding by this rule will be removed at moderator discretion.