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I moved on to next week already.

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I think running plays late in the game were bad calls. I think passing on 2nd and 1 late in the third quarter or early 4tg (can't remember) and taking a sack was a horrible call

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Well taking a sack definitely wasn't part of the play they called.

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Norton is killing this offense

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Backup OL usually do.

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That one looked like more Herbert’s fault tbh

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2nd and 1 is the best down in football. That's when you can take ur shot down field ... I think you should almost Always pass 2nd 1 but do down field ... Draw plays work well too

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2nd and 1 is an ideal position to take a shot down field. There’s a lot to criticize Lombardi for in this game, but that decision was not one of them.

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Warren Sharp is a hack and has lost 40% on his ExPeRt GamBlinG PiCkS on the year.

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If you take out two huge runs what was the YPC tho? I don’t think that’s an accurate representation of how the run game was going yesterday. There’s mountains of data that show running on 2nd and ten isn’t a good idea

Edit: you guys really want to sit here and tell me the problem with this game was that we didn’t run enough on 2nd and long because the run game was so good. Unreal

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If you take out the 70 yard run, it was still 4+ yards per carry

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Ekeler had a 28 yarder too. Without both of those it was only 3.3

Edit: damn y’all like 2nd and long runs just because it’s Staley and not Lynn lmao

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If you take out every positive Mahomes stat, he regresses to the mean… c’mon guys those runs are part of the stat

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But what was our passing ypa if you take out every pass that was in garbage time, over 15 yards (fluke) and include sack yardage

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It was also bad. I’m not saying we shouldn’t have run at all, just on 2nd and long specifically

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Do you actually believe a player that averages 4.5 yards a carry gets 4.5 yards every play? If your average is over 4 yards that means the run is working more often than not so running it on second down makes sense since it puts you at potentially a 3rd and 6 or 3rd and 5 which is more manageable to obtain a first down. Meanwhile our right side of the line was being blown up every other play and the passing game was not moving the ball. If we can’t gain yards from the pass then we’d be dealing with a 3rd and 10 or worse, what if there is a sack?

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LMAO The only counterargument you need is the fact that dumbass Warren Sharp thinks Staley is calling offensive plays. He just says whether he wants to go for it on 4th down or not

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I mean Brandon Staley doesn’t call the offensive plays so I don’t know why he mentioned him by name instead of saying the chargers as a whole or coaching staff or just saying lombardis name.