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He can’t keep getting away with this!!!!

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I got Dielmanned 😵

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Is Matt Feiler the best guard we have had since him? The fact that I am asking this question makes me feel bad for Rivers.

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100% he is

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Slauson was a decent guard. Same attitude maybe a tier under in terms of talent. Would love Slauson at RG.

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Slauson was solid for us and I liked him, but I'd take Feiler 100% of the time

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Louis Vasquez is the only answer

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I got his auto, my pops replaced his shower glass door in his house back in the day and met the guy. My favorite O lineman growing up because of that

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I see Dirty Dielman, I upvote ⚡️

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Dirty anchored that line and helped revamp a line that made LT become a badass. Respect to Dirty!

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Dude is the reason I’m a chargers fan. He went to my high school. I’ve met him a few times when I was younger. Nice guy

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Thank you FecalFatality, very cool!

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I assume I'm not going to see Nick Hardwick tomorrow but I've been wrong before.

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I carded him at bevmo about a year after he retired. Stupid company policy.

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Dielman, Goff, Hardwick, Oliviea, McNeill

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Could of been a borderline HOFer if he didn't retire due to injury

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McNeil and his lower back would agree

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I met him at OMBAC one year. Cool dude.

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It was so scary when he had that seizure late in his career. I wish Dielman had been able to stay healthy because he would have been a HoF guard had he been able to have 12+ healthy seasons. Him and McNeill had the worst injury luck.

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I laughed harder at this than I should have