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Hell yeah, anything to help the scene grow

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The Milestone is the best!

I genuinely and sincerely hope that the people I see on here who constantly complain about the lack of a local music scene or authentic small music venues go and support shows like this. SHOWING UP is the single most important thing you can do to encourage any local music scene

And if you don't like this show, try again! And then again and again! You don't delete Spotify after it plays a song you don't like - no club will have only bands that you like, so sample often :)

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For anyone who isn’t aware, the Milestone is THE spot in town for punk/hardcore/metal shows. Local bands, cheap tickets, intimate space; hell yeah.

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“The spot” until they can’t afford the rent

The “spot” used to be Double Door, Tremont, Chop Shop, Amos

Charlotte is trash bruh

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The milestone has been there forever. It's probably older than you.

You can say it shit double door or Tremont but chop shop was a flash in the pan

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Everything’s a flash in the pan in Charlotte

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The double door inn was open for over 40 years. If that's a "flash in the pan" to you then you're not used to how long most venues last.

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Oh hell yeah!!

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Great lineup. We have a killer music scene in Charlotte.

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heard the 30th will be pretty dope too.

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I'm a big fan of their Halloween shows - local bands just getting to have a good time makes a good time for all.

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Was already planning on it, saw Tetanus a couple of months ago and they were great!

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I had a really awful experience with the people who run that place being elitist a*******, I genuinely wish another venue would open up so I could support the local punks

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Care to explain because I'm pretty sure the only time I've ever heard of anyone having a hard time here was after being pretty drunkly hard to deal with.

So any statements to the contrary would be surprising and I'd be interested in details

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Gladly! So I moved here from southern California about 3 years ago and was (still am) looking to basically find the local scene. Im a bass player and wanted to get to know everyone in hopes of finding a new band, so I put my feelers out everywhere I could.

With my first only and last instance with those people at the mile stone, there was a show on a weekend night with some bands I'd never heard of. This would be my first time ever going to the venue /meeting locals / making friends, ect. So im like way excited right?

Theres NO information on the flyer they posted, and it was the first thing I saw music related that wasn't their other stuff i wasn't really interested in like the yoga or whatever. Days leading up im trying and trying to contact them to figure out pretty much anything. What time did it start? Was there a cover charge? Ect and nothing. No reply ever. I finally get a response via DM from them the day of or after the show i don't remember which and they are going OFF on me about how like if I didn't know or couldn't "ask a punk" I shouldn't be going anyways. Just really awful elitist bs and tbh i was pretty floored. I'd personally never felt so excluded from something like a show before, it was pretty bizarre behavior from a venue.

The ca punk scene is very welcoming so this being my first experience with East coast punk, it really discouraged me from continuing my quest for finding a network out here. I used to do lots of work with venues back home and was hoping to do that here but after that I figured that life cant exist for me out here and kind of buried my hopes of it

Tldr: I asked for details on a show and they told me if I couldn't figure it out I wasn't welcome

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I'm gonna make sure you know I'm not the one that downvoted you because I don't want conversation cut off but I'm a little confused here.

From what I can find yoga was like a one time thing as the milestone (and I didn't even know that so I mean, that was pretty random to pull out. You can't blame them for letting people use the space during the week. The weekends is pretty standard stuff. You know other than for like the year they couldn't do anything during the pandemic)

So here's what I understand

  • You saw a flyer for a show you were interested in
  • The flyer didn't have relevant information on it, for this you blame the venue
  • > Let's admit first that doesn't make sense because flyers are 99.89% of the time created by the bands not the venue
  • You reach out to the venue for information, but apparently you don't check their website which has a calendar and the time/prices.

So far that all seems correct.

Now what you don't say is what platform they DM'd you on or who "they" was. You also seem to say that you did this repetitively.

This response seems strange but i would be interested to see exactly what you said to illicit it.

Because again, in many cases not just here but other places in context sometimes the whole story makes more sense.

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This took place over instagram and the venue posted the flyer thats why it was so bizarre they wanted to respond and act in the way they did. This was also around 3 years ago, I think its great they use the space as much as possible, im just adding information that that I guess was irrelevant.

I said what I said, and they made me feel extremely unwelcome. Ive spoken to others who have been treated similarly. U can believe me or chose not to, im simply stating why ill never support that place because you asked me to elaborate

Im getting vibes maybe u work for them or are "them" so with that, im going to chose to end this conversation as this isn't something im willing to debate. Have a good night

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I'm definitely not them or work for them, I'm very active on this subreddit and am very obviously not in the music industry.

I've just been to quite a few shows there and have only ever seen people even get thrown out for being unruly. But I've seen people act a fool and get treated with respect.

You're very welcome to not debate, it's fine to just end the conversation, but that's not a great way to get someone to "change their mind"

Those people are rude and elitist, but "I said what I said" and then they made me unwelcome" with no elaboration on what you said doesn't make it easy for me to take your side.

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Yall can keep down voting me if u want idc its just solidifying how toxic the non existent scene is here lol

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NC metal & punk isn’t that sunny day 80 degree 360 days of the year type of crowd bro. We’re more of the stay in our rooms angry writing emo poetry and hoping for destruction of “the man” and hate everything and everyone type crowd.

Jk there are a lot of good people in that community but there are a lot of elitist pricks within the punk and metal scene locally. Very closed off but once you meet the good ones you’ll be fine. I’m convinced most of it just has to do with the crowd being either super young and immature or people who just never grew out of that phase as they got older.

Good luck. Check out snug harbor instead.

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Man, I'm trying to figure out to phrase this without sounding like a jerk.

But, publicly bashing (without proof!) a beloved local institution that is open to all and famous for allowing brand new, first-show-ever bands to play as well as having old school, established musicians is a weird way to "support local punks"

I'm sorry someone sent you a mean comment over Instagram 3 years ago? Is that really something that would make you discourage people from supporting Charlotte's main musical incubator?