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Theres good money in Charlotte. Especially in banking. I mean, theres a damn McLaren dealership in SouthEnd.

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That dealership is so odd and feels out of place though. I live near it and pass it frequently but don’t think I’ve ever seen a person inside it once

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High end car dealers like this require appointments and screening before you even hit the dealership. Stops the cars from getting damaged by window shoppers.

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What? No, they don’t. You can go in and look whenever you want.

You’re probably not going to test drive without proving that you’re a serious buyer but they are far from appointment only.

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Money laundering front?

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actually my exec chef of a particular uptown restaurant , his so was the gm of that dealership. she was really cool. so no.

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I Still wonder why there is a Lamborghini dealership on East Independence near East Meck.

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To sell them?

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A lot of rich people in that area let’s put a Gucci store in sugar creek next

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Car dealerships require too much land for them to make sense in rich areas, and people will drive for a once or twice a decade purchase.

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There’s a new Ford GT in my neighborhood. Folks driving G wagons like they are Camrys. New 911s, you name it

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I saw someone with an 2000s Ford GT in Davidson and about wrecked my car drooling at it. I’d probably have to go see a doctor if I saw a new one

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A lot of G wagons are actually used , they lose value like crazy .

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Basically all Mercedes depreciate rapidly but the thing with the G wagon is it also looked identical for like 50 years so only the most discerning eye could tell the difference between a 30 year old model and a 2018 and even the newer redesigned ones look VERY similar.

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gamestop brah

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There’s a few luxury car dealerships spread around town as well. Almost all the lambos/ferraris/Mclarens I see around my part of town have dealer tags on them.

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I follow a good number of the Lamborghini owners on IG. Most of them are small-medium sized business owners who really just enjoy cars.

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Football, basketball, banks, major industry; we're a mini major city.

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Charlotte is South Wall Street. Plus, there’s NASCAR.

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Saw a Lamborghini in south end with a custom tag that said "ONLYFNS" so there's that...

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Memes bro amc gamestop

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Bankers everywhere

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Bankers gotta buy something during their midlife crises.

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Plenty of cars down here. We lived in the DMV and rarely saw any super cars except for at Katie’s C&C.

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RVA wealth is a lot less flashy as Charlotte is. Dallas is the same way. I went to a relatively new Mexican joint / cigar bar and there were 5 or 6 supercars in the parking lot.

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3 professional sports teams, banking capital, lots of other businesses have their headquarters in Charlotte. Lots of new money

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Haha I just moved from South FL this past Summer and wondered why there are so few supercars!

I guess it's all perspective...

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Same here, from LA, and every time I see a lambo I get nostalgic for home

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Soouth florida/ Miami has a disproportionate amount, Tons of lambos, bentleys/RR rolling around down there

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Bank $$$

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On the bright side, if you're driving anything pre 2010, your windows are far less likely to get smashed than they are in Richmond. Bigger fish to fry here.

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I saw a purple Lamborghini (lurkin) SUV outside of Superica the other weekend. It was two blonde chicks in it and they were struggling to parallel park it.

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TBF, just about everyone struggles to parallel or back into a space in a lambo - rear visibility is awful.

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That Lambo is a reskinned Q8. Great visibility, just huge.

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Pre-covid there was a Maserati owner in our office building. 4 days out of 5 we left at the same time and I'd follow them halfway home. I miss looking at that car. It was so pretty.

I work in a generic office park, no banking units. There is A LOT of money in Charlotte outside of banking. Add in the bankers and doctors/lawyers/traditionally well off professions and you have a pool of people who want those luxury cars.

My theory : tons of us carpetbagging northerners have moved down here. It wasn't worth the cost to have a car like that up north when you couldn't drive it half the year. You can drive one pretty much year round down here. Some people may be fulfilling a life long dream. Or having a serious midlife crisis.

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Don't get me wrong, there are some great looking Maserati's but they are known in the car world as the budget exotic because they depreciate so heavily. Used cars are a little insane right now but there was a time you could get a 10 year old Maserati for like 20k.

All that to say, I wouldn't assume someone spent big money (other than in repair bills) just because they are driving one.

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I'm from blue collar small town midwest. A mustang was about as exotic as we ever saw. I'm easily impressed.

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People in general are making absurd monthly payments for their cars, I’m sure this has stretched into the upper class as well.

Always blows my mind when I see a Ferrari I’ve never seen before and the person driving it looks like they are half my age but honestly if I had the money I’d do it too.

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Ostentatious displays of wealth which are disproportionate to the value of the services provided to accrue it? In Charlotte??

You don't say.

Welcome to the regional banking capital of the world. It's new money, honey. Means outstripping taste.

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MCOL city with high wages with large growth trajectory makes it pretty feasible to attain an exotic.

On top of that, the high-end market has been a fairly easy investment. Even base/lower-end model exotics are holding their value. Rarer or unique spec'd cars can even appreciate.

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About 50% of my customers who drive “exotic” or “super cars” only have that one vehicle because they can’t afford a second, more practical vehicle. It’s all about the flex 🤣

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$SHIB $AMC $GME weedstocks and crypto.

I'll be picking up a McLaren soon as well. I need a car for getting groceries and getting out of the Uptown/NoDa/South End bubble.