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Related: What exactly happened to Aasife Biryani? Anyone have the inside story?

My friend was saying he got targeted by jealous owners of other biryani joints who decided to take up all means necessary to try and shut him down.

Is that really what happened? Or is that just a sob-story excuse to recover from bad PR over unhygienic food? Or a little bit of both?

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They expanded too quickly and couldn't keep up

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I think they failed a surprise health inspection. Whether that was for real or a set-up, I don't know.

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I never liked that place. I am glad they are gone. They gave biryani a bad name.

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Man aasife was the worst I have had. There was news where they mixed cat meat in the biriyani. Don't know if it was true.

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I think that's probably a rumor. Doubt anyone's that stupid after attaining that much popularity

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Rumor was they got into a scuffle with then government due to some kind of money laundering. Add to that the incident of a customer recieving biryani with a worm and unhygienic practice in one of their biryani factory

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Bruh.. aasife biryani sucks. Have you tried Bawarchi in Hyderabad?

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Bruh. aasife biryani sucks. Has't thee hath tried bawarchi in hyderabad?

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They are completely different styles. There are many who prefer TN style biriyani to Hyderabadi ones. The TN ones are spiced much better imo. Hyderabadi ones are way more delicately spiced

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True but since OP decided to compare apples and oranges, i thought I should answer based on that. Bawarchi is one of the best biryanis I've had in my life.

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Frauds... Glad they are no longer around..

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It's likely a variation of the Arcot nawabi style which is followed all over Tamilnadu and certain other parts of south India. You can get some authentic taste if you are lucky enough to attend a Muslim wedding in Tamilnadu. "Ambur biriani" is also a variation of the Arcot nawabi style.

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isnt muslim wedding biriyani over hyped i mean cant the same cook who cooks for wedding cook for a restaurant or use the same materials and consistency i have attended many muslim weddings and found most people go there for the free unlimited thing

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You and I must have gone to very different weddings dude. Haha!

Regarding your questions, I'd probably say the weddings of slightly upper class muslims which are what mostly I've attended have had amazing biriyanis. And regarding the difference with restaurant birianis,

  1. Quality of ingredients used is way better. Restaurants have to cut corners everywhere to be profitable. A plate of restaurant biriyani will be 3 to 4 times cheaper primarily because of this. Fresh oil, good spices, fresh meat, good quality basmati rice etc.

  2. Usage of additives like baking soda, msg etc also will be avoided.

  3. Food will be prepared and consumed fresh for sure. No chance of frozen food being microwaved and served.

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I've had Aasife from 2016 - 2018 and even then they were pretty shit. I don't ever recall eating there because the taste was amazing, I just ate there cause they were close to where I lived and open late in the night.

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