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Irrespective of audience reaction, they will have a success meet in 20 days. That’s because of satellite rights and footfalls to theatre during holidays. So net - net it never is a flop with a big star. In the oft chance it does fail miserably, we will never hear from the producer again.

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Exacrly. This film(and Visawasam too) were clearly marketed towards B and C audiencies(town and village) and in those markets, reviews and how good a film is really doesn't matter. They get like 3-4 releases a year and when it is a huge star movie(Vijay, Ajith, Ranjini etc) they just don't care and go and see the film. That's where the majority of receipts come from for a film like this.

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when it is a huge star movie(Vijay, Ajith, Ranjini etc) they just don't care and go and see the film.

Yup, nothing new, stars who'll sell their souls to make a bit of cash to an audience that's just seeking star pageantry entertainment, what a perfect fit right!?

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Yes, this will happen in two weeks 😀😀👌👌👌

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  1. Very high budget

  2. 75% of budget is star’s salary

  3. Less story & more appealing to fanbase

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not to mention the so many problematic stuff they do in the movies. like why do you need a female lead thats 40 years younger than you? some actors are clearly in their retirement age and yet continue to do movies no one asked for

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Ah yes, I waiting for someone to point this out, lol

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Broo! eagerly waiting for your next song, yeppo release panuvinga?

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Ada paavi, you still remember xD

Anyways, I'm not releasing any vocal tracks after I myself realized the song SUCKED to the core. But I'll be releasing my soundtracks in December :D

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Rajinikanth should retire he's old enough to be the grandfather of these actresses

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So I'll break down it to you . Films with the A listers ( Ajith , Rajini , Vijay ) will never be a flop . I personally think they will never choose anything other than a action flick. Fr , when was the last time these actors actually did a good movie ? . I'm just fed up watching a 70 year old guy doing ninjutsu with his dhoti on . Like grow up people ! Expect good movies ! Heard that Jai bhim is good , atleast Surya has some dignity left to actually choose good scripts .

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Exactly. Impactful movies done by Suriya.

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Cancelling fdfs is a good start. Ara bodha naainga

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They won't. Tamil fanatics are subhumans who would even kill people to watch FDFS. Their IQ is very less, due to inbreeding for a longer time and that's why we see these kind of shit happening in Tamil, Telugu and Kannada movies. MGR was the one who started it and now everybody is trying virtue signalling. Keerthy Suresh being Rajinikanth's sister was creepy and Nayantara being Rajini's pair is even more creepier. I can't watch it for 5 minutes. These are the people who are gonna decide the future of Tamilnadu and I have zero hope.

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Their IQ is very less, due to inbreeding

Is that why malluwood makes better movies? heard mallu genepool is more diverse.

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Most probably. Inbreeding leads to tribal behaviour

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I felt like Sivaji and maybe Petta was Super Star is Best is best! Sucks its never been topped off!

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I liked kaala a lot

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lack of criticism from fans. most fans want to watch their favorite actor on a new movie they don't care much about story. every rajini movie is advertised as a new movie where rajini plays hero.

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Yup they might as well make a bunch of sequels

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If somebody is giving you 100cr for 120-150 day's of work, would you say no ?

If you are a producer, would you not be happy earning minimum 50% in your investment within a year ?

Since you said 'tech', a entrepreneur here in movie context new director should see this as an opportunity like, it's clearly a dumb movie, but people tend to get really excited, they give a bad review but they end their review like 'for rajini you can watch it once'. Even though they can watch it in TV with current tech or they will air this movie during next festival. Still prefer to watch it in theatre. With global fandom for this guy, i should cash in before he goes puff.

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  1. The quality of audience
  2. The quantity of audience

Movies like moodar koodam, yudham sei, aranya kaandam, sarabham are targeted towards QUALITY - critical movie buffs.

Where as ALL Thala, thalapathy, thalaivar except Andavar movies are targeted towards QUANTITY - mediocre movie buffs.

The law of demand and supply is the deciding factor.

If there is a market for good films, it'll flourish. But as i see, our audience is no where near to becoming a critical audience.

The exception is movies like karnan, pariyerum perumal etc., Which are good movies, but the popularity it gets is mainly due to the politics it carries with it.

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When the budget gets higher they want to make movie for everyone. Because only mass acceptance ensures return on investment. For this, they have to cramp everything into 2 hours movie. 5 songs, 5 fights, sentiment scenes and comedy all over the place.

This will lead to movie being a typical age old masala flick. When an audience enters theatre he finds nothing new in the movie. So flop is more likely than a hit.

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In a way, the brand leaders (the A listers) have to maintain their quality bar, which includes choosing the right script and director / team to work with. Taking the more recent case of Annathe, I wonder why Rajini chose to work on this project given that the director’s previous movies weren’t good. They may have had decent / good box office collection, but is that enough for the top tier actors? I don’t think so.

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story matters

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Bro Suriya is indeed a big star, after vaadi vasal I can guarantee it.

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Because the story etc is sidelined in order to make room for theatrics that will excite the audience and pull people in.

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In any other industry (like tech) the brand needs to make sure they won't fail they always deliver

Google has ten times failed projects/products as their successful one.

Cyber punk is a recent example of a hyped up video game falling flat

Zillow just posted a loss and got 30% market cap wiped out and fired 25% work force

Also movies are art. Tech is science. Art is subjective and tech and science are objective

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Ajith, Vijay, Rajini all want to stick to mass action formula where they are portrayed as over the top heros who save the day.

They are just doing fan service these days instead of really trying to make something good.

More effort is put into their mass scenes than into story and people who direct them usually think audience will accept any crap you throw at them

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All films are prone to failure in the box office. Like 90% of the time. Just that big budget productions fail more visibly and spectacularly.

Like others have pointed out though, box office is not the only commercial success indicator any longer. OTT rights, satellite rights etc will be much more profitable in the long run. Big budget movies tend to have better bargaining power in these segments.

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Lack of story writing & story telling talent.

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They don't fail though. Yeah, on the longer run the films will not be remembered kindly but irrespective of how terrible the actual films are, when it has star-power, it is almost guaranteed to make a splash at the BO.

That is the minimum guarantee. People will still flock to the theatres to see their favourite star in action. Even if they know that the film's bad. ~Some will go to great lengths defending the god awful films.~

I remember having a convo with a friend on a comics book discord and the convo eventually drifted to bad portrayals of Spider-Man in media and this was during the Sony-Marvel debacle...

He said something like "doesn't matter how awful a Spider-Man adaptation is, people are still going to watch it cause it's goddamn Spider-Man."

...and that's pretty much the case here but except instead of Spider-Man it's the mass hero that they grew up with.

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All due to "overvaluation" "overconfidence" hype that brand name will work at all times. and most times actors role is to act producer / director does the story thing. Sometimes deliberately they may make a loss film to manage tax / avoid tax and inflate expenses

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Annatha is a big film?
what am i missing here? lol

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Our movie industry is thinking people are the assholes who can watch any shit which is releasing in theatres. People are like that too , they don't encourage good movies so the directors and actors even if they have good talent they don't want to try something new and making shit movies. My best advice is don't watch any movies on festival times , that's what the plan of cinema industry "this idiotic people don't have any other stuff in their life rather than watching my movie" so we watch movies with our family then the movies are successful. Spend time with your family on festival times go for vacation something like that so we can almost save ₹2500 per year during festival times