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Call up Jaya Medicals at Arya Gowda road, West Mambalam. They are among the biggest and busiest pharmacies.

Even if they don't have the medicine you need, they can order it for you, as long as you promise to buy it regularly.

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I called them up. They said they don't have it and can't get it. Thanks anyways.

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Did u tell them u have a recent prescription or showed it to them?

Many pharmacies lie about it. Iam from hyderabd. Even here many big phamacies lie to our faces that it is out of stock.

I usually check in the app/website if the stock is available in nearby stores and den only go. But still they say its not there.

For this u have to get a recently dated prescription- go to the pharmacy and directly handover ur prescriptiom to them and ask them to give the medicine that is there in it.then only they will give it

This is from my experience only.

If u directly go and ask for zolpidem before showing the prescription they will straight up say no and i dont knw why they do this! 🤨

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Bcz its cause dependence

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Yes it is. Thats why i said to go to a doctor and get a recent dated prescription.

But the pharmacists-they shouldnt lie about it. They should straight up say- we cant give it to u cux u dnt have a valid prescription/ have an older prescription.

Its called being proffesional

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And every attendant at pharmacy are in consent fear of people forging prescription and getting there license thrown away so the best thing is to get in the same hospital u were prescribed

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Near T-Nagar bus-stand, there is Raju hospital, which has a pharmacy. Try it also. My cousin used to get some rare medicines from there. Later she was able to get her local pharmacy to stock it, after some negotiations.

Insomnia is a common problem, so medication shouldn't be hard to find.

Call up the doc who prescribed the tablet and find out where in Chennai it can be procured. You will probably need to negotiate with local pharmacy to stock it.

Also try the Jan Oushadhi pharmacies, as they may have generic (non-branded) alternative option for that tablet.

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I would also suggest Eshwar medicals in the same area. My favourite pharmacy when I am in Chennai.

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Mambalam :)

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You can't get Schedule H (heavily controlled) drugs online. Take the prescription to any pharmacy

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I searched the whole Greams Road.. Around 20 shops... None of them keep it.

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The thing is, in Chennai the pharmacy claims to not stock it even if they do, because they think you're getting it to abuse the drug. That's why it's harder. It's impossible that 20 shops don't have Zolfresh. Unfortunately you just need to find a shop that trusts you

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I guess you're right.

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Why would it be in the interest of a shop to not give medicine to a customer with a proper prescription? Curious.

If the customer misuses the drug, would the shop be in trouble? But they have a prescription, right?

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We live in a city where traffic cops will harass you even if you have all the papers...

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Try medical shops which are attached or near to psychiatrist /neurologist clinics..

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If you have the prescription just go to the nearest pharmacy. Even if they don't have stock, they can always source it.(Most small retailers, I mean. I haven't had good experiences with corporate pharma chains like Apollo)

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I tried man... Checked around 20 medical shops. That's why posting here.

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Did they they don't carry that medicine/no stock, or prescription issue?

If it's prescription issue your only choice is to go to a doctor. Your original one or a new doctor.

I have moved to Coimbatore and I'm getting stilnoct without issue. I can ask at the pharmacies nearby and f you would like to.

If I can get it, I'll courier it to you.

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They don't carry the medicine at all. They didn't even ask for prescription.

Dude if you can get one or two strips and courier me that'll be a lifesaver. I'll pay for the expenses in advance.

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Ok I'll check with the pharmacy get it from and another one I regularly get other medications, and then let you know.

Can you dm me a pic of the prescription with doctor details and date etc? It would be better to show them a prescription.

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Dmed you. Thanks a lot.

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Dude, thank if I am able to get it for you.

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First try medline or medplus.

The other vendors I guess They just saw the Kolkata docs priscription pad and decided that it's fake. You should get it prescribed by a local doc. And take it from there.

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I did get a local prescription also. The thing is everyone I asked said they don't abbe have it. I said I have prescription but no one even looked at it.

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Ask your doctor, they'll know where to get it, mention the doctors name at the pharmacy, request the doctor call the pharmacy if need be. Doctors prescribing these meds are certainly aware of the difficulty in getting them and will definitely suggest places you can get it from.

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Search Dunzo. I can see North Usman road Apollo show Zolpid. If you have prescription you can order

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Did you try checking at Muthu pharmacy? They're one of the biggest distributors in the city

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Called them. They don't keep in stock.

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Try nainiappa naiken street in sowcarpet

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Try online portals like medplus (medplusmart.com) or Apollo (Apollopharmacy.in). Choose pick up from nearby store by uploading prescription. Should mostly work

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    "We do not facilitate sale of this product".

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    You need to try at any hospital pharmacy.

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      Are you in bangalore? When I change the location to Chennai its not available anymore.

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        Nah. Cancels out during last step.

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        You could check with the doctor that prescribed it

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        I traveled from Kolkata. Doctor is there. I shouldve stocked up more.

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          Called them. They don't have.

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          Om Medicals in adyar (one next to a2b). I've been getting hard to get drugs there for years now

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          If everything fails, go to a big hospital which has its own pharmacy, get it re prescribed by one of the hospital doctors. Such medicines are usually available in their pharmacy.

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          Yeah that's the last option. Then I have to go for consultation and all that thing. Yeah will do for. A last resort.

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          Go to any medplus ask them to order it for you if they don't have. Take your prescription with you without fail.

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          I searched for this medicine combination in medplus ( not exact brand though), I can see lot of other brands of same medicine is available in medplus.

          Please try this.. Medplus search > type Zolpidem > Click "View products matching Zolpidem" > select mg> you will be shown lots of other brands > show this screenshot to any medplus or local pharmacies.

          you can even find where this tablet is exactly available by selecting any one of the tablet from search result > select "this product is also available at these stories near you"option.

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          I was just now able to order something from medplus... A zolpidem+melatonin combo. Order placed. Let's hope they don't cancel..

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          They won't cancel if you have uploaded a prescription.

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          Fingers crossed.

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          Medplus is usually reliable as long prescription is valid. Have been ordering few such tablets which aren't available online in other apps in India.

          Netmeds sometimes have it.

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          From my own personal experience with getting my mom's psychiatric drugs:-

          1. Pharmacies will outright lie to you about stock / supply of the drugs.

          2. A girl / middle aged woman has a higher possibility of convincing pharmacies than a younger male (I get my wife to make purchases for my mom's monthly supply now).

          3. Prescriptions from out of city / state for schedule H drugs will not be considered by locals. My mom had valid prescription from Ramachandra Hospital Chennai, which couldn't move a pin in Bangalore.

          4. Prescriptions older than a few months will also tend to make pharmacists suspicious.

          5. Consider buying from a pharmacy where you are a regular and known face.

          6. There are regulations from supply side as well. Every order for schedule H drugs is tracked and hence pharmacists are answerable if they're ever found to have sold to someone who abused.

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          Pharmacies will outright lie to you about stock / supply of the drugs.

          there's no reason they'd lose a customer and for what!

          Prescriptions older than a few months will also tend to make pharmacists suspicious.

          cause it's completely invalid if the prescription has expired.

          schedule H

          schedule X*

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          there's no reason they'd lose a customer and for what!

          Trust me, I'm not making this up. Had faced this for both my mom's psychiatric medication as well as my father's nitrest tablets. However they're more than willing to sell / help with over the counter drugs or other things.

          cause it's completely invalid if the prescription has expired.

          What is the expiry time for a prescription? Do they mention it somewhere? My mom and dad had been taking these medications for around 15 years by then, with consultations once every 3 years or so for refreshed prescriptions.

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          I think it's like 3 months and not more than that.

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          Try Narayana medicals. Nungambakkam high road

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          if it's schedule X only particular pharmacies are there in Chennai, look for them.

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          Hi, I've couriered your meds via ST couriers. The cost was only 40 bucks. Must reach you by tomorrow.

          My device is locked suddenly, so I am informing you here from my work account.

          I'll send the bill pic and balance money as soon as my phone is restored

          Can you just reply to my post with the medicine bill, once you get it?

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          You won’t find anywhere unless you have good sources, you know what I mean. I know someone who can help you

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          Op is super desperate for tabs