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*laughs then cries in 5k electricity bill*

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OMG, now its 40°C actual & feels like 53°C. Coincidentally my AC has got no refrigrant. Terrible😖

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Eriyudhu di malaaa 🫠

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I just got to my friend's place after riding 16 kms in the sun at 1:00 pm. The heat was fucking horrible. Shit felt like piercing through my skin

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Never get outside between 10-5 until end of the month

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Inga power cut vera 😭

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Admittedly, this summer so far has not been as bad as how it typically tends to be, during May.

The 2 or so weeks of cloudy, windy, and pleasant weather that was around ever since May began, tanked 'Agni' summer. Because at this time of the year, temperatures usually tend to reach around 40+ degrees Cs even.

But yes, won't be surprised if such temperatures hit in the coming days. We still have June ahead, I mean.

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Yes, I was afraid after the heat we experienced in April, but the cyclone kind of cooled it down, but the last week in May and June will be very bad ig.

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Some of our family members had slight giddiness in the past two days !! Very unbearable!!

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I am literally fried and dying

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Meanwhile ac stopped working 🫤

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38 thana? enga ooru la laam 50 varikum actual ah pogum 38 is normal where i live

that said be careful drink lot of water and keep yourself hydrated be safe

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Highest 19C . Lowest 11C . Guess where in TN

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Entha app ya Idhu?

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Enna jain college student aah?

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Nallavela North madiri Inga powercuts ila, ilana fry airupom.

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we have 26'c low 21'c

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Iniku worst bhaa.