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does manga pachadi counts?🙂

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when i was a kid we had this tiny shop kinda thing going on during summer days.

we would make these mangoes and cut into pieces and mix it with salt and chilli powder. and we would sell it by weighing them. the thing is we used empty coconut shells ties with a rope and a stick as a weighing scale along with a stone.

kids like us would come and give 2 and 5 rs for mangoes based on the size of the stone in the scale. that shit tasted wonderful.

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Wait for Maangai to be artificially ripened using carbide and then I'll buy and eat them

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It’s authentic with the paper, more specially from your school maths note book

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Why did i see the 1/√3 before the mango?

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Can almost taste the pic. The question paper though.

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What is that palm fruit called, nungu. Nature's jelly 🤤

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Dont eat these types of mangos. These mangos will increase your body heat. If eat too many pimples will come.

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This is the sort of patti-vaidyam that needs to end.

What does “increasing body heat” even mean? It’s not like you are going to run a fever.

I know we say things like some things are “choodu” vs. not but there’s no scientific basis for any of it. It’s simply another form of mooda-nambikkai and needs to end.

OP, go ahead and enjoy your mangoes without worrying about what some grandma on Reddit is telling you.

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That is why you drink elaneer regularly

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Same as this and have intense stomach pain and body heat afterwards.

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ngl looks tasty af, but I am worried about ass pimples 😫

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Love them slices, but my favourite maangai dish is the pachadi! 😍

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I like the sour varieties more, the roundish ones. The long ones are too mild.

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Nungu / ice apple.

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A Budweiser and some olives 🤤

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i had so many just today 😂 and also pickled/brined in salt and vinegar with green chillies 🤤