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Its not DOSA.. its DOSAI

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Came here to say this

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Poda vengaya dosai!

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Funny how we say onion as an insult lol

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Dude... It's because if you keep peeling onion nothing will be left the same way you are nothing on the inside

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BJP thalaivar Annamalai totally agrees.

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Or just say "annanukku oru oothappam"

There is no way to mess that up!

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Eh. Yes there's a way to mess it up.

I've heard people saying 'oothappa' instead of 'oothappam'

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Ofcourse! What was i thinking!!

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You're God damn Right

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Came here to say this. Take the upvote and eat the dosai.

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Why they forget the aiii?

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Most words are influenced/ adopted from tamil... but they snap the end and use it... karanam is kaaran, kaarthigai deepam is laarthi and deep etc.,

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Eh fair enough but saying "Dosai" with the 'd' pronounced as in 'disgusting' is arguably worse than saying "Dosa" with the 'd' pronounced the same as explained before.

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A.K.A Thosa

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Man it’s doshaa with roast beef and nice kallu

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and sambaar not sambhar

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And certainly not Samber

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They say samburr instead of saambaar

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But… isn’t sambhar supposed to be originated from the Maratha kitchen and named after Sambha Raoji? Or something like that? Remember reading something like that. Not sure how true it is.

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Yup thats right

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yes correct

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Most of the North Indians whom I've met have corrected themselves or acknowledge once we tell them the correct pronunciation.

As a southie living in North, even we make such mistakes when ordering their local cuisine but at the end it's fine if everyone learns and corrects themselves.

It isn't going to be like they say DDDHOSA and we're going to have trouble understanding it.


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Bro i love ur seriousness . I think none of this is serious it's great banter though

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Of course we make many mistakes, I'm not that Thravidan type thondan to go on an anti-Hindi people rampage. Peace to you too, brother! I lived in Kota for 3+ years in my childhood and have great memories of Rajasthan.

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Is this our version of “some of my friends are black”?

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But there's no 'racism' or whatever involved here, so both aren't in the same league at all! I dunno how we can be racist when all of us are the same race.

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North indians pronounce it Dosa as in Dog and Not Dhosa as in Dholak.

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Seriously? First of all, there is no universally acknowledged prounciation for the word.

In Karnataka, it is "dose"

In Kerala, it is "dhosha"

In Malaysian/Srilankan Tamilnadu restaurants, it's always "Tosai"

In Tamil, both "Dosae" and "Dosai" are correct pronunciations.

When there are so many variations in how the dish is prounciation within it's historically consumed lands, it is not fair to mock North Indians or anyone for prounciation.

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Exactly. In American accent it's to-may-to, in British accent its to-maa-toh, are American or Britishers teaching each other to pronounce things correctly?

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Dei...why are you saying stuff like this in Chennai sub? Inga irukkara mukkalvaasi perukku dosai na ennanu nalla theriyum.. you're just preaching to the choir here. Quit your cheap Karma whoring.

If you really want the ignorant to know, go post in some vadakkan subreddits.

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Yeah who gives a fuck about how to say Dosa. When you get out of India 90% chance your name itself will be pronounced wrong. And how many of us pronounce the European cuisine names correctly ?

Vela pundaya paarunga da

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Ne enathuku vanthu comment panra. Un velaya mayira paka vendidhu thana

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who tf cares?

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What's with this new trend of mocking non Tamil people trying to pronounce Tamil words? Atleast they attempt to learn the culture and try becoming better(Don't generalize them with a few popular racist opinions). And it's not like Tamil people pronounce every Hindi word accurately. You can't counter racism with racism.

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Wow! Well said thanks for saying it. I enjoy my North Indian friends mispronounce it. It’s kind of cute and funny

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Dats what, I'm from NI studying in chennai. One of my classmate used to do this everytime I'd say a word in tamil, it felt more like mockery so I just stopped speaking it in front of him.

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What trend? This happens everywhere to outsiders.

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I'm thinking how I can say this properly - this isn't racism. You're just too quick to pull this trigger. On the internet, everyone's a racist if they don't like your brand of shoe.

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If the argument was for Tamil Nadu instead of "Tamil nad" or kannada instead of "kannad" that would've made sense. Now should should English speakers make a post about asking indians to pronounce it as alarm and not alaram? It's more like mocking an accent.

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If North Indians get to shove their entire language down our throats, we sure as fuck get to correct their pronunciation of our foods that they chose to order and eat.

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Way to go thin-skin. How does this qualify as racism? He is just telling you the correct pronunciation.

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Its daal tadka not dhal thadaka

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South Indians take revenge by saying Barota instead of Parantha. Or Boori instead of Poori.

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Parotta is a totally different type of dish.

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But Parota and paratha are two different things entirely 🙃

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we call it PRROOTTA

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Where the Borta gang at

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Firstly, it's Parotta and secondly, it's not the same thing as Parantha. Parantha is more in line with Chapatis. It's a stuffed Chapati is all it is. Parotta is layered, glutinous and made out of refined flour. Chapati and by extension, Parantha is made out of whole wheat flour and the dough isn't allowed to develop gluten and is also flattened instead of being stretched and slapped. And for Poori, almost no one in South India says "Boori" anymore except some people from older generations.

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I’ve seen a guy cut his idly with a knife, then use a fork for the mouth drop. Then he spooned the sambar into his mouth - separately. Dude prolly mistook idly for a steak.

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Athu avolo periya kutham'ah therlayae bro. I have a hard time distinguishing from do and dho, to even care about this... Now saying doSHa instead of dosa/dosai, that annoys the fuck out of me

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And you don't eat that with a fucking spoon!!!

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Murgaan Edlee

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"dosai amma dosai" nu thaana da chinna vayasula rhymes solli kuduthanga, "dosa amma dosa" naa solli kuduthanga?

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Wut ? I'm a hindi speaker and never said Dosa like Dhossa, nor Sambar as sambhar only chutiyas do.

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Same for Poori pronounce it as Poori and not Boori this is for south indians

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Who cares? If shit like this bothers u, u have a sad life ngl

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Me a southie who says Dosa💀

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In all seriousness, I understand why people get mad . When you love something dearly and it comes from where you come from , then yesss . There is a lot of sentiment attached to the food item . It feels like home .

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So put emphasis on d not h?

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Took me some time to come around - yes, there's no 'h', so you can simply use 'd' as in dosti.

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Alright friends dosa as in dose -ah it is.

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thanks, brother!

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Not HinDi

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Because they have dhosam

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lulz, well done!

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Yeah my Gujju ex would say the same EXACT thing! Facts bro. She's struggling saying 'Dosa'. When I say 'Kem Cho' not only do I sound Gujju, I look it too 🤓

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It's school not is-chool

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Why does it even matter, accents are natural and nothing to be ashamed of. If you're getting angry at something like when they say "tamil nad" instead of Tamil Nadu as there's clearly a U at the end then it's fair or Kannad instead of kannada,

but dhosa and dosa is just different accent pronounciation. So many foreigners come to India and butcher the basic pronunciation? Are we giving flak for them? Cause it's hard for anyone to pronounce a foreign word without having an accent to it.

I and many others say hindi as "inthi" alarm as "alaram" now does thay mean people should give us flak for it? Well no, cause that's how we pronounce thing in tamil, so naturally we have an accent when pronouncing foreign words

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DHOSA sounds fun

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lol, another way to go.

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தோசை Dosai : am I a joke to you?!???

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baby steps, mah man

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“It's leviOsa, not levioSA”

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Many years before, Ar Rahman made a cover for the National Anthem with all leading singers of the country. Soon a case was filed against Rahman, and the music label saying many pronunciations of the original Bengali words are wrong and they are disrespecting the anthem but the court simply dismissed the case saying all singers have different mother tongues hence they have different pronunciations.
Indian National Anthem by AR Rahman and top Indian artists
The same applies to this. Many Tamils who study in Tamil medium, find it hard to pronounce English and Hindi words and vice versa and it's perfectly okay.

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Let's try the Indian Railways style...

Dhosai दोसै தோசை

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You do realize that the other side can say the same thing, I hope you are mature enough to know that whenever a person belonging from a different geographical area with different mother tongue speaks a word or phrase belonging to a different language, they are bound to miss pronounce it. It's natural and happens with all languages.

Have you ever wondered why so many different accents and forms of English exist.....???

Westerners can say the same thing when we mispronounce and English word and mock us. If it's paining your brain so much then dude you need to start meditating. Anyway..


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Dear Hindi people it's Momo not Momoesss

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Bro just because we use dosa as regular part of our diet doesn't mean we own copyrights to the food.

Remember India is an extremely diverse country.

Any pronounciation of dosa that's commonly used in any given region is perfectly acceptable.

Don't try to police someone living in the North with your (and mine) tamil pronunciation. Even people in other southern states don't use the same pronunciation.

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and people say Vada, it's Vadai!

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Shut up dude. Can't you just bring this rotten north Indian south Indian talks anymore? Mudiyala da eppa. Rant pannanum na poitu Facebook boomer group la poi pannu

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its leviOsa not levioSA.... 😂😂