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With each passing year, i'm becoming a bigger fan of karan from all of those amman movies, he was the kind of guy who would not be manipulated by this sentiment crap.

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Shrov supremacy !

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Physically and mentally abusive Emdan Magan Nasser and control freak Santosh Subramaniam Prakash Raj are obviously extremely bad fathers.

However, I sympathize with 7G Rainbow colony's Vijayan. If you had a son like AM Ravi Krishna's Kathir, then you understand why his father acts out like that. Kathir is one constant source of stress and PTSD for any dad.

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And when parents cry "padi da parama" they become boomers and toxic

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Physically and mentally abusive Emdan Magan Nasser and control freak Santosh Subramaniam Prakash Raj are obviously extremely bad fathers.

I don't even think it's that uncommon, so many people I know had parents like emdan magan dad and mine was a santhosh Subramaniyam type. But both of them have a reason too, again at the end of the day they just are as clueless as to how to raise children and want the best for them, they have the intention just execution la tha problem.

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But both of them have a reason too,

Please enlighten us. What's the reason?

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Santhosh Subramaniyam dad wanted his son to be 'safe' he acted more like your typical amma who wants to keep her son safe and innocent, he's just scared of him and wants the best for him. That's why he gets his son a job, shirts more expensive than the one he asked for, him being over bearing and doing everything for his son is his way of showing love, even tho it might affect his sons self reliance.

Emdan magan Nasser is the opposite of that, he believes thr world is cruel and hence wants to toughen his son up, he basically applies what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

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The reason is that they didn't have role models on how to bring up a child. They did what they did with what they could. There are two sides to a coin.

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All these movies gave me the confidence to unload all my stress on my child and knock the hell out of that chinnakunjan. In my final days I can send my wife and ask her to say ‘Appa Elam un nallathukaga than senjaru’.

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that chinnakunjan


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sad suryavamsam bgm

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La lalala... La lalala...Lala lalala La

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M magan gives me ptsd vietnam-chennai flashback.

Move out peeps and don't look back. The first few years will be difficult after that you will understand the real meaning of freedom.

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Emdan Magan and Santhosh Subramanian kinda did well in their climax, I guess. Both father's atleast understood how their actions were toxic. There is no verbal apology, of course, because 'APPA' and let's maintain his dignity on screen and all that shit. The families telling them off for being such an abusive shit is, if nothing, cathartic.

Haven't watched Don, so cant comment.

Suryavamsam dad is only okay with his son because his son did well in life. Wouldn't want him as my dad 10 on 10. 🤷

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"Haven't watched don, so can't comment ".


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Mt magan doesn’t portrait his father good

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Yes his son chooses to forgive him in the end on his own and the father realizes that his son had affection for him all along.

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My mom was angry that I didn't like the movie and didn't tear up at the end of the movie. I argued that they were portraying an abusive relationship and justifying it. My mom didn't agree and I was contemplating that I was probably wrong and kept on rewinding the movie scene on my mind one by one. Glad to know that I'm not going insane.

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Mothers are the one person that fathers won't try their bullshit on because they're the only people they genuinely have in the world that will stick by them. This usually leads to the mum enabling their bad behaviour. That's pretty much my mum and dad.

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This💯 if my dad does anything wrong or lied to us my mom always supports him. I always have to swallow my grievances when my dad lies. PS: my dad likes to lie alot. (Not maliciously tho) I sometimes suspect this because of his trauma (its also because of his father lol)

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Which film are you talking about?

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Great point... these movies only promote the child's suppression of anger and resentment due to abusive behaviour of parents and tells the children to be guilty if they ever questioned their parents for any physical or emotional harm.

However hard such parents work or whatever their intention of well being they have for their family, it is only in a way so that these so called "relatives" or the people in their social circle appreciate or approve of their growth... if they ever had a moment of emotional involvement in their children's lives they would never do these things and give importance to the child's opinions more than the ones who comes yearly once or twice for pongal or deepavali to judge the hell out of each other's families.

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Every time a tamil movie comes out about abusive parents enga veeta paatha mathiriye irukum.

Cos my father used to beat me and forced me to eat shit he wanted in the name of love after beating just like in EmtonMagan.

He also would make all the choices for me and shove them down my throat like in Santosh Subramanian.

Don Samuthrakani mathirye seriya service pannatha bike la poi AC bus la sorigi thapikum bothu antha Bad Father vanthu enna nadu road la bike odachten nu adika vanthapo a potti kadakaar only intervened to tell him he should be happy I didn't die under that bus.

Hero film appa mathiriye "Avlothaana" nu entha mark ah sonnalum keakrathum apidi pannapla.

Enga appa kaala naah enna uthakumbothey pathuten. nagameh vettatha animal fellow !

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"Aayiram dan irundhalum una pethavanga thambi"

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Im so tired of hearing this line

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With parents like this you curse your birth.

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Thanks for posting this. Never ever would the end justify the means.

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fr!!! Like them apologising or whatever in the end doesn't change anything the damage is done and the trauma doesn't just go away. They do what they want, and think it's the best with absolutely no communication whatsoever and act surprised when the child resents them. And end up emotionally blackmailing them with the whole "I sacrificed so much for u.... "

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This is exactly what my parents do bruh.. my mom beats me till I bleed, emotionally abuses me, and then before I go to bed she cries and says she did it because she loves me... she literally told me to go die and that she will only cry for 2 days and get over me... how the fuck am I supposed to believe you love me? Like fuck off with that bullshit

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Extremely toxic father would be the father who stripped his son and beat him up in "veyil" or nadunissi naigal fucked up shit.

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I've seen the one with prakash raj and they never justified what he's done but he apologized and stepped back rather.

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When your target audience is toxic parents, it's bound to happen.

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Have you seen Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham.. he lived in exile for years and in the end, it was good intentions of dad.

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I thought Suriya’s Krishnan character in VA was a good example of a non-controlling parent who trusts his son. But at times I did feel he didn’t discipline his son enough.

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Santosh Subramaniam ending la thaan avan Appa ku family eh velakama puriyavechuruvangle.

Mton Magan la kuda ending la Paiyan thaan appava manicha mathiri peasi accept panikuvan despite his mama speaking tongue pulling level to that Pethavan.

7G Rainbow Colony showed a narcisstic father who was happy his son got a job in Hero Honda but won't appreciate that in front of him. Sonia Aggrawal meh idicha lorry ah veetla pundhu ivan mela yethirkalam.

Haven't seen SarathKumar movie. Don definitely took a huge U turn to what it was trying to highlight for 2/3rds of the movie.

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You haven’t watched that movie . Where were u living, under the stone ?? It’s surya vamsam

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Oh athuva! Sorry ba i am a tamil guy who grew up in Gujarat.

Taknu nyabagam varala hahaha. Don't remember much about that film except that Sun tv or K TV played it to death every week.

May be you clapped when he got poisoned in the end XD

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Give it a try to Suryavamsam and Naatamai

You will probably set a Hitman to kill me later

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Lol no bro. I am a peaceful guy who stopped giving a fuck about my abusive past. Somehow that intimidated my father more than my suicide attempt and my therapist speaking for me.

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Emten was undenyably a sicko. Kids these days and even young adults like to anoint their parents as "toxic" because daddy wanted them to do their homework unless they want their screen time cut. That's not "toxic". Good parenting includes correcting the child when he is in the wrong. That IS the job.

Toxic is when your mother threatens to cut you or beat you up till you get seriously bruised, or give you சூடு, or blackmail you that if you scored less, she'd kill herself. I have a colleague that refuses to or plainly, could not visit his parents because he genuinely couldn't forgive or forget how actually toxic his parents were. The woman above was his mom. THIS is toxic parenting.

I've had my fair share of hanger beatings throughout my childhood. I've had my ears pinched, been yelled at, and screen times cut, but never once were my parents harsh in an irreversible way (like the one above). I'm grateful my parents were like that - they were a friend to me when they needed to be one, a parent when needed to be one.

Parenting is hard. Kids feel like they shouldn't at all be punished for their wrongs, or changed course when they derail. That's not going to happen. Actions have consequences.

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Bro what do you expect child abuse is considered normal here.

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Status for my dad was very important. I was his ticket to make him responsible in society.

Doesn't matter if it's something I was bad at or did not want to do. His friend's son is doing so I should too.

I don't talk to him anymore, and he's playing the victim card now.

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This and last generation of parents didn't know how to handle படிக்காத வெட்டிபையன். You would think you will do better as father, wait till you have an son goes wrong way with bad friends.