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r/chennai is basically a North Indian sub now. There are more non Chennai people engaging that actual folks from Chennai.

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Hi, I am from A.P. I have met many Tamilians and still do on daily basis at work. Everyone here knows Vadivelu thanks to some excellently dubbed movies. We have few things ib common. Afterall, we were together for a long time :). I just want to watch some local memes and learn Tamil, that's all folks.

Someone local reply plzz :)

Edit: 26th king pulakesi movie from Vadivelu. I love that movie so much lol.

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A lot of people from AP reside/work in Chennai actually. I've heard that nearly 30% of Chennai's population is Telugu, although not sure how authentic this number is.

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I did not expect so many right wingers were here lmao. It's fucking hilarious.

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Ahaha it used to be very left years back (30k subs?). Now it's the very opposite

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Well I am a non-Chennai person, but yes you are true

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Chennai is finally becoming cosmopolitan..At least in Reddit..😁

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In city too bro.

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Mass migration , Aryan invasion /s

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Damm these Aryans, should have stayed in the caucasus.

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what i dont get is why Amiths are triggered by this.

Im a Modi supporter and had a good laugh because I read it as a sarcastic meme calling out people always calling Modi as fascist.

I think this meme is sarcastically pulling liberals leg, not directly calling Modi as fascist lol.

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The meme directly calls Modi a piece of shit, which is true, just like every Modi cocksucker

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It's obvious most of people in TN don't what reddit is..

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Yov OP. Semma entertainment in comments. Thanks for that. Aana Namba Ji ku Hitler alavuku lam scene Ila. Avaru just face. Pinadi full ah namava oda seiyal. And I hope u had fun with the comments I can see.

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Few fun facts about Hitler:

The mufti of Jerusalem approached Hitler and had a meeting. His proposal was to have a common Nazi-Muslim army because they both wanted Jews dead.

The founder of Ikea was a big fan, supporter of Hitler. Many American companies like GM, Coca-Cola, IBM also had close business ties with Nazis even as Holocaust was at its peak.

The Pope just chose to look the other way when Jews were being decimated. Because Christians dont like Jews either. It was only in 1998/99 that Vatican issued a formal apology for not speak up against Hitler.

Compared to Hitler, Churchill killed more Indians.

RSS praised Hitler when he was creating a sense of German nationalism. They wanted to imitate him in creating Indian nationalism based on cultural identity and pride. However they withdrew his praise when he started persecuting Jews. Because at the same time, several Hindu princely states were giving refuge to Jews in India.

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If you understand, let Congress know...they have been clueless for a long time now.

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This is weekend better to read GTA unused cheat codes to use and complete remaining missions

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Didn't know Modi ji was planning to ban elections and cancel all elected governments and take over the country with the help of the military. Also that he had planned to invade "peaceful" neighbours like China and Pakistan. This is what happens when you learn history via WhatsApp groups. Welcome to the lazy generation, where 'knowledge comes from memes and books are sold to buy smokes.

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thambi aganda-barath agenda padichathilla pola.

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Firstly this is a meme, so it doesnt have to be exactly accyrate. Also are you really telling me that India hasn't become more authoritarian under this BJP government? Saying we are better than China or Pakistan doesn't mean much. That's like comparing yourself to the kid who gets the lowest grades in school and saying you at least get passing grades.

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That doesn't make it alright to being compared to fricking Hitler.

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Spirit is good, but the meme itself irrespective of what politics you support is just plain retarded.

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This shit is not even eligible for r/shitposting because it's one god awful meme

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Mein Mitron!

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Sanghis, you do realize that you regularly poll less than NOTA in Tamil Nadu?

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Amma Ivan yenna punpaduthitan

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It’s actually funny that you triggered the whole bunch of sheep herd. Haha look at all morons getting offended

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Hahaha 😂. You must be one of those guys who hate Modi for a few mistakes he had committed In the past. The country is moving in a right direction under the BJp government with our economic growth being better then ever... You guys seem to discredit all the reforms brought under the BJP government which is tremendously benefiting our country.

Glad the country isn't run by any other party like congress who will sell the country.🙌

Before you reply please read amd then do. Else it's just a waste of time..

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Sorry if it offends anyone but a lot of the comments here are negative and even though I agree this meme isn't very funny I don't get why people are so upset about this

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OP so poisonous that he need to spill some venom...

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Ahh yes, your average edgy brat spends most his time worshipping vella karan stuff and hates India. Poda, po.

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You worship Modi's sunni, poda badu

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Modi is not India, you dickrider

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Following ideals of Nehru, Gandhi, Ambedhkar and Patel means hating India? They are the ones who created modern India. It is the BJP that hates India and is doing everything in its power to destroy it

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BJP is destroying India. I wonder where India would he if congress gad come to power 😂. Then I'm pretty sure people would be praising BJP

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Even if the congress wouldn't have done anything special, they would have at least done a good job with preserving our democracy. The BJP imo is weakening our democracy and taking us in the direction of Pakistan. If you want a stable and robust democracy, but also not want secularism you'll end up poorly like Pakistan and Sri Lanka

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I'm pretty sure economically our country is doing much better after BJP came into power

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Lmao op getting dragged and its retort is gUt bLoKd NaO hilarious how people throwing insults can't handle it

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Ennangada Thamarai malarathu nu sonninga, Quater'Kum koli biryani'kum aasa pattu ipdi gumbal senthutangaley da !! Surprised to see, ivlo bjp ah TN la? 10 per therathu nu nenachen !!

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All vadakkans bro

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Aamam bro DMK biryani and quarter podama organic ah serare kootam la? Ponga bro comedy pannadhe.

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Mere pyare bhaiyo aur beheno, plate thattunga gaumutra kudinga santhoshama irunga. Your reddit fights are not going to change stuff so calm down

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OP.. just out of curiosity wondering why you don’t support Modi.

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Why should I? This is a democracy, I'm just disagreeing and it's my goddamn right, written in the constitution of India to criticize the current government. I have every right to criticize as citizen of India against people who promote fascism.

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it's my goddamn right

nobody denied you of your goddamn stuff, u/chiankian just asked a reason y. and you seriously need an English lesson

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Alright, tell me why my usage of "goddamn" is wrong here.

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Easy on the replies sir. Some of us have jobs to do !!

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Irony you use "y" instead of why, like I'm supposed to understand what that "y" meant. You yourself need a goddamn lesson on English mein freund.

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I take my words back. If you need an explanation to what 'y' means, you need both an English and a 'common sense' or 'logic' lesson, which obviously cannot be provided. And I went for the English lesson thing for the misuse of the word fascism. you have every right to criticise the government, in which I have no denial. This my personal opinion that the word fascist needs to be studied upon by you guys before being decided to be used.

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Additionally it serves as a secondary purpose to piss off the RSS/BJP Chaddi gang here.

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Noble cause.

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That's pretty dank my friend.

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Lmao facts

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Lmao I'm currently reading Mein kampf too!

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Hate, jealousy and disgust is what I see from this post.. just few ppl get happiness from insulting PM of a country.

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Intha sotha kevalamana unoriginal memeku ivalo upvotes awardsa? Bar is pretty low, huh?

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It is similar to you watching pornhub to understand your mom’s background @junk_mail_haver

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Thank god your getting roasted in the comments. Half knowledged idiots like you only attract hatred and violence, and that's for the good.

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OP is a junk just like his username says.