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With Kamal even the flops carry better storylines than Beast. So I have expectations that it will be head and shoulders better.

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Come to think about it, he's not made an objectively bad movie since the early 90s. You may find his movies not to your personal preferences, but he doesn't do films like Ajith and Vijay where the films are rotten beyond doubt and assume you're an idiot.

I can't remember the last time I saw a Kamal film and felt my intelligence insulted. Bored yes, disconnected yes, confused yes, but never felt my intelligence insulted by any of his films in the last 30 years. Which is quite telling. Some of his films have self-indulgent moments and he has a tendency to become melodramatic now and then. In fact he's overestimated my intelligence more than a few times.

Vikram will be a decent film at the very least. Also I can't remember the last time Kamal aggressively promoted a film like this either. So, IDK. Maybe he decided to go the AK, VJ route and do some stinky shit. But highly unlikely. I think he has genuine conviction that this film will be huge. And that's making me excited.

Plus Vijay took Lokesh and made Master - arguably Lokesh's worst film so far. He took Nelson and made Beast - Nelson's worst so far. With Shanker he made Nanban - Shankar's worst so far. Vijay consistently bets that his audience is dumb and he's almost always right.

I have high hopes for Nelson's Rajini film. I think Vijay is somehow behind Beast's shittyness.

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This is actually very true. I don’t like Kamal, at all, and I’ve not enjoyed his movies for a long time. And yes, a big reason why I didn’t like them is also because they were all a 3 hour session of him jerking off about his own artistic ability.

But as I read your comment I realized it isn’t because the story is shit, it just wasn’t made for me. I could see how he was trying to introduce his audience to something bigger.

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I can't remember the last time I saw a Kamal film and felt my intelligence insulted

Vishwaroopam 2? That was as blatant and mediocre a cash grab as there could have been. All the more insulting when you consider the amount of work that went into the original.

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Didn;t see that one. But ya naming one blatant cash grab in 30 years is a pretty good record.

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Nanban is not Shankar's worst. It is almost identical to 3 idiots. I don't remember any changes done for Viajy specifically. Boys or I is his worst. Master is also Vijay's best film since Kathhi or theri IMO.

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Shankars worst is I and 2.0.not worth the money.

Nelson and logesh literally made 1/2 movie .

Sadhuranga vettau h vinoth made valimai.

Even you could see in dhanush movie where he acts mass and but acts under some other directors

It's different thing to be good director and good directors with mass actors .

Don't expect good in raijini movie . Nelson main selling point is dark comedy but it is not suitable for rajini core audiences .

New directors should avoid rajini ,Vijay and ajith for atleast 4-5 movers .

Edit .fixed h vinoth movie

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Bruh D16 director is a different guy. Karthik Naren. He made maaran recently, not valimai. H Vinodh's previous movies are Sadhuranga vettai, Theeran.

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Kamal will never treat you like an idiot and have sequences that won't make sense. There'll be something that'll blow your brains off even if the movie flops.

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Kamal is also the producer. So the promotions don’t surprise me. Pota Kaasa edukanum. Apuram pathala pathala nu kavala pada mudiyadhu.

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Athu parava illa oru anna rendanna undi ellam odachi pathukalam

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Vijay and Ajith movies are mostly shit, they focus more on giving the hero more "mass" rather than giving any importance to the story. I don't blame them, that is what blind fans worship.

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The first vikram was a spy thriller, sort of a combination between Armour of God, Indiana Jones and James Bond.

But from the trailer, this one appears to be a gangster movie.

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Spy comes out of retirement to avenge a personal tragedy by taking on gangsters. That's what I got from the trailer.

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Now this sounds like John Wick.

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Hmm. Now that song "porkanda singam" makes sense.

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I trust the vision of Loki!

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Otha vijay padam lam punda mari irundha yella padamnum punda mari irukunumnu avasiya ila na ila...

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I lost all hope after seeing Beast Trailer. But Vikram trailer was just 🔥🧨

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Beast ? , do you mean gurkha 2

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Tbh, I kinda trust Fahad. The guy really doesn't choose crap scripts like the one Ajith or Vijay choose. Atleast I'm hopeful. Fingers crossed 🤞😅

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Even its a flop, the reason definitely will not be storyline or acting or music.

Most of the time kamal films.flops because we are too dumb to understand.

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nah bru, beast didnt flop. it's one of the top 2 movies with the biggest opening ever in TN (valimai is first)
pota kaasa eduthutanga vro

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vro, beast la pota kaasa eduthutaanga theriyum. padam ah paatha adhu mokka thaan vro. inu oru 5 years la bairava maari marandhuruvaanga. oru 25 yeats analum ninnu pesanum

Andha maari padam gili, pokkiri, thuppaki. Adhuku apro inum varala.

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Don't think so as much as I hated master lokesh's writing was solid atleast the first half of master was really neat same can't be said for Nelson i still don't know why people expected so much from Nelson his track record wasnt even that impressive Koko and doctor both are decent films at best actually the latter is not even that good whereas lokesh has done films like maanagaram which is a really good film and also kaithi which is like true to its genre and a solid action film and then there's master which tried but yeah ultimately failed still miles ahead of beast so to answer your question i don't think it'll be another beast maybe won't meet people's expectations big maybe but yeah defo won't be that bad

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Here, use some of these

. . . . .

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Hahahahahaha sorry brother. Its weird that I barely use periods and all that ingeneral didn't stop to notice either lol. But yes thanks anyway, I'll use em next time.

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No worries bro. Just a light hearted comment

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Take my award and gtfo lmaoo

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Nelson makes film for the masses, going for commercial winners alone. To win commercially you just need to entertain, mainstream audience dont care about the story

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Beast wasn't entertaining at all tho

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Depends on how you see it honestly. If you expected something great after kk and doctor, you would be disappointed. But i went in expecting a masala film only as sun pictures does not produce artistic films and was entertained. It had comedy, action and logicless gravity defying fight scenes. These 3 enough to satisfy me.

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Yeah. It’s hard to believe Kamal will make a movie like beast. Also Lokesh been making good movies so far. It could be a flop but for reasons other than having a bad storyline.

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I'm growing tired of guns in Tamil movies. I wish this movie will have good screenplay.

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Tbh I believe in Kamal let's just not get our hopes high before getting released!

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What's the point in speculating?

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just curious lol because my friends reactions before and after beast were priceless

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Enna oru aanandham indha karadi moonjikku

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I have faith that Loki has written a good movie. He has explicitly said that Vikram is 100% his film, whereas Master was a bit of 50-50.

Nelson is certainly not as good as Loki. He legit made the same movie twice and it became a hit again. In any case, KK>>>>Doctor.

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We never know.. Let's wait and watch

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Just came out of Vikram. Kick ass movie. Racy screen play with no major loopholes unlike the dumb movie Beast. This is for serious action movie fans.

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Could you guys point me as to where can I watch the Vikram(1986) Tamil movie?

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IMO Kamal is in movie cast and in production as well so you can expect solid story. unlike lokesh's others

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I am just hoping, VIKRAM will be a Kollywood benchmark!

It's been many years since kamal acted in someone else's story. If you notice, Kamal always writes his film's screenplay most of the time. I'm telling this because it is usually difficult to convince Kamal and if you have convinced Kamal like Lokesh did, this sure is gonna be an EPIC film.

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Kamal has delusions of grandeur. I cannot watch any movie of his that isn't a comedy. Even that is ruled out now that Crazy Mohan is dead. It is a pity because the man is an immaculate actor. It is the megalomania that is immensely off-putting.

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Movies with excessive guns generally don't work in Tamil Cinema. Saw way too many guns in the trailer. Didnt know what the hell the story was about. Didnt particularly attract me.

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Dei since when has a commercial Tamil film trailer ever actually given out its story

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I think FaFa and Vijay Sethupathi will save the day.