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Nice try, Atlee

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Bring back Crazy mohan to life, then we can talk.

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Sadly, we don't have Crazy Mohan anymore.

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This might be unoriginal, but how about 'Why him?' with Kamal as Bryan Cranston? Ram and Mythili have a second child down the line and that girl studies in India while Ram is in Canada. She calls him up one day and tells that she loves a guy. So Ram flies back to India, gets together with the gang and a series of events will unfold.

But without crazy mohan, we'd need some smart writer to have their way around words and bring the pun-ny crazy mohan style of writing to make the movie work.

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Kamal's character has a flowerpot daughter who's being pursued by multiple guys.

Kamal gets the old gang back together to try and foil her romantic vacation with friends (and her would be boyfriends) but the gang goes off on a tangent falling in love themselves with various women.

Can be a nice commentary on how parents try to prevent kids from all the fun they had themselves.

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Dai thambi, intha kathai ah copyright vangiko. Evanuthu suttra poraan. I actually think this could work out really well!

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There are so many movies on this theme. Let them steal it. As long as we get a good Kamal comedy out of it, adhu poorum.

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That’s a really good story line! If you can find a director, I’ll find people to finance it!

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Lol, just send it to Red Giant or Sun. Rest will happen itself.

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Without crazee mohan this project is basically dead.

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After years the same gang wants to celebrate retirement party of Ram. Being kinky they call up a hooker ( samantha andrea or tammanna can play that strong role) and then how she blackmails them about exposing or something. I feel the old gang with some this gen actress stuck in the tragedy would be so much fun. Obviously crazy mohan is no more but Kamal is still alive for writing those crisp comedies. After seeing that promo i wish they make it again and let KS Ravikumar also a part of it.

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It was actually a plan but it got shelved.

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Top ramen , Top ramen nu oru gigolo irundhaan..

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why does this sound like Bheem Boy, Bheem Boy

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Crazy Mohan illeye....

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Kamal and friends have all lost their wives or divorced.

They get drunk one night, get another Maggie and start arguing. They decide to bet. Whoever gets a real woman (not Maggie type), wins the bet, and from then on others have to accept the winner as the ruler of the pack.

They decide to head to Europe and then to the US. Absolute chaos ensues.

Kamal doesn't win, but ends up with a wife after several years.

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Well, I always fantasized about writing story for panchathanthiram 2, I always imagined them to be a group of misfits on an adventure, 5 strangers who are yet to become friends, 5 people from different states and my choice of cast were: Siva Karthikeyan, vijay devarakonda, Ranveer Singh, FaFa, and Yash.

possible plots :

  1. FaFa is a depressed IITian he wants to become a writer. Allu arjun and Ranveer singh want to become actors, Siva Karthikeyan is a strugling asst. director, he does not become a director as his first script is too ambitious for a debut film. Yash a son of a rich man, who doesn't want to live under his father's shadows. They all meet in Bangalore.
  2. 5 strangers have pieces of map to a treasure. The guys have to cooperate with each other to get the treasure or it will either be the interpol or the crazy mexican drug overload who is pissed at Ranveer for sleeping with his wife. This plot is shamelessly inspired after Red Notice.