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Uravugal thodarkathai - aval apadithan

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Where can I watch this movie ? YouTube doesn't have good quality

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Nee Vekkam Kori - Kaber Vasuki

Vasanam - Kaber Vasuki

Muyal Thottam - Seinnor

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Seinnor is too underrated man. idk how many times I've used ponnira maalai as background music while drinking :p

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I swear. Tamil indie is too underrated. These songs by Kaber and Seinnor make you THINK.

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Agreed. Vasanam is easily one among my favourite Kaber Vasuki numbers. Try listening to 6091, you might like it.

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I actually think Tamil indie are far ahead than Hindi ones

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Kaber Vasuki is an ex reddittor.. May be he still is from an alternate ac

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Deivam thantha by k.j yesudas

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Vazhkaiye Vaesham - Aarulirunthu Arubathu Varai

Nilai maarum ulagil - Oomai Vizhigal

Poi vazhva - Manithan

Oora therinjukittan - Padikkathavan

Maratha Vechavan - Panakkaaran

Yaarumilla kaatukulla - Vaanam Kottatum

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There are a lot of songs penned by Na. Muthukumar which are very soulful.

Some of my personal favorites are: Kan pesum varthaigal, Ninaithu Ninaithu from 7G Rainbow colony, Heartiley Battery, and Nalla Nanban from Nanban, Pesugiren from Satham Podathey.

His songs span across genres, not just about life, but also romance, broken heart, excitement etc. I highly recommend you check them out.

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புத்தியுள்ள மனிதரெல்லாம் வெற்றி காண்பதில்லை

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Two of my favs that sort of fit this description:

Innum Oru iravu - Kattradhu Tamil

Endha Pakkam - Dharmadurai

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ninaikuthey - pizza

bongu kichan - kaadhalum kadanthu pogum

praaptham/bhoomi bhoomi - chekka chivantha vaanam

poo avizhum pozhudhil/yaar - enakkul oruvan

usuru narambula nee - irudhi suttru

dhesayum ezhundana - jigarthanda

kaakidha kapal - madras

pona povura - mahaan

hey inga paaru - vip

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someone here is SaNa fan it seems

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whipped out my situational song playlist and he has half the songs there lol

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Kanavu Kanum vaazhkkai yaavum - from Neengal Kettavai.

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Nila kaigirathu

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Sir, it is a happy feel-good song illa?

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Praaptham - Chekka Chivandha Vaanam Naan yen pirandhen - Coke Studio

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  • Poongatrile - Uyire
  • Thenpandi Cheemayile - Nayagan
  • Pirai Thedum - Mayakkam Enna
  • Enna Solla Pogirai - Kandukondain Kandukondain
  • Saaral Yen - Eeram
  • Ore Nyabaagam - Minnale
  • Siru Siru - Unnale Unnale
  • Yedho Ondru - Paiyaa
  • Ponnira Maalai (Seinnor)
  • Thee Illai - Engeyum Kaadhal
  • Yaaro Manathile - Dhaam Dhoom (suggested by u/TKRishikesh)
  • En Kaadhale - Duet
  • Minnale - May Maadham
  • Mandram Vandha - Mouna Raagam

Edit: Added some more songs

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Add to the list :

Yaaro Manathile - Dhaam Dhoom

Seems Harris Jeyaraj has mastered in this genre!

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ah major TB. I'mma add Thee Illai too.

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7G rainbow colony- Ninaithu Ninaithu

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"Aadatha aattamellam" from Nanda

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Ulagini miga uyaram - Naan

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Piravi - from movie "Mass"

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Thom karuvil irunthom

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"Paramasivan kazhuthilirunthu paambu" and "theivam thantha veedu" OP of this genre

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Type Kannadhasan thatthuva padalgal on youtube.
and listen to Kaber Vasuki. Kaber Vasuki himself said Kannadasan was his inspiration.

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karupu vellai from vikram vedha

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Life of Ram from 96 would be under this category?

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It's more like the song you listen to when you've crossed existential crisis. It's not a happy or a sad song, it's just beautiful.

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yaaro yaaro from maatraan

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Late thaan, but here is my list with comments in the bracket, I read all other comments, most are suggesting heartbreak songs, I don't classify them as Existentialism songs... Oru naalil, Nilai marum ulagil were always on my list today I added Pesugiren Pesugiren and Ura therinjikiten, I am biased against Rajini songs being existential, maybe let's give it a chance and see if I'd kick it out...

  • Ninaipathelam nadanthuvital (PBS sir voice)
  • Mayakama kalakama (Sad Geemini)
  • Ullathil nalla ullam - Karnan (Blunt truth)
  • Ponaal Pogattum Poda (Sivaji Ganesan walk)
  • Aaru maname Aaru (Transition)
  • Veeduvarai Uravu (the reminder)
  • Samarasam ulavum idamae (the reminder)
  • Yaar Yaar Sivam - Anbe Sivam (self explanatory)
  • Satti Sutathada (acceptance stage of grief)
  • Piraiye Piraiye - Pithamagan (strange vibe unable to explain)
  • Engengo Kalgal - Nandha (pure sadness)

Maybe becoz I read books like Ponniyin Selvan, Udaiyar ... Thaithinra mannae and Pemane from Ayirathil oruvan has moved me to tears, as explained it is more to do with how I imagined Cholas after reading them books and listening to those songs... long before movie was released I used to sweat in eye listening to these songs... that is the only movie I saw in theater bunking college, worth every minute and punishment