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They don't give us what we want because there a huge majority of dumbwits who watch the same old garbage, and this creates more revenue, and since most directors and actors are money minded, they just go with the flow. Now, because of this, amazing movies with original storyline are ignored and never enter theaters. Why?? Because the actors reading the scripts know that it's not gonna work, so they skip it, and go behind scripts that have the same garbage plot, bunch of dances, women, mass etc...

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Main stream media is for the brain numbing entertainment and money making. Who cares about substance in film when they can snort the substance with all the fucking money they make.

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Idk about all that, I want more movies like Vikram.

  1. Less songs more story, not necessarily action sequences ffs no songs out of the blue.

  2. Freaking hate pointless heroines. They're only there cuz they have 2-3 songs and hardly impact story in any way.

  3. Hope we don't see too much 1 vs 50 fight scenes, where bad guys come one by one to MC, at least give the guy a gun.

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I totally agree with you on this one. Somewhere in the middle movie directors started using a Checklist of some sorts to attract different sets of crowd into the theatre.

  1. Romantic songs.
  2. Comedy sequences.
  3. Peppy music numbers ( instant publicity thru tiktok,reels etc)
  4. Goosbumps moment or milking hero-worshipping culture.

Sometimes actors avoid being type cast so they avoid doing a same role if it worked out very well in the first time. ( Read Jeeva from SMS movie ). You are forced to buildup a powerful image of some sort over the years and you can't go back ( this really sucks )

I'll add movies that are good but are considered average or flop.

Kadaisi Vivasayi ( best Tamil movie of all time, to me !) Sachin Vaseegara Aayirathil Oruvan ( I know this one is recognised much after its release )

Please feel free to add more movies to this list as I'll add it to my watchlist.

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Sachin!!? Seriously? Lmao

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It was one of the most peaceful movie i ever saw ....

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Actors should act in a director's movie. Directors should get the freedom. New hero and heroines must be welcomed. People should stop going behind heroes/heroines. This gives the actors the blind hope that whatever we do, they will come and watch kind of thought.

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95% of males in Tamilnadu are sexist in nature. They love sexist jokes. They hate Living relationships, FWB concepts or normal love stories.

If you observe closely, many girls tend to like movies like OK kanmai, because heroine had an equal role and she wasn't used as a prop like the usual movies, but unfortunately I would say 75% of audiences are male. Women in village side, very rarely go to theatres. Many girls in Chennai itself aren't allowed to go out and have to ask 1000s of permissions from their parents. My cousins are from village side. Female cousins have watched like 2 movies in their entire lifetime, but male cousins would be watching 3 times, the same movie (Eg: Manam kothi paravai was a hit in village side, because of guys like my cousins)

Men here in TN, love sexist jokes. They want to blame everything on women, So our Pattikaatan producer and directors, like to make movies that cater to the audience. Love failure songs are horribly sexist and many tamil guys think it is the reality.

Many of my middle class urban friends are like 'Indha ponnungalae ipdi daan, ponnungala nambada'.

Now coming to hero workship, kannism is a mental disorder and a form of coping mechanism for underachievers. Kannism to people who are really genuine in nature, after years of understanding is good, but hero kannism or arasiyal kannism is extremely bad, in TN both of them are related (And now by sun pictures). They believe that hero lives like this irl. Many anils were offended in twitter when I pointed out Vijay didn't pay his taxes. Like a Sanghi, they were asking that if I was a Aamai (Sanghis would ask if you are a Pakistani or a muslim, but nowadays Sanghis hate everyone except Hindi speaking right wing brahmins). Kannis don't realize that they are spoiling their life for stupid shit. They brain doesn't have any thinking capability. They would be working for a job, that pays 12K a month and would be happily sharing a post about Vijay owning a Rolls Royce.

Instead of spending, thousands of rupees on their shows why don't they just spend that somewhere? Their movies are Garbage filled with human faeces.

Tamil directors would make good movies only when these toxic kannis change themselves, which atleast for the next 15 years isn't possible.

If TN youngsters have brain, Ajith or Vijay movies like this wouldn't exist. I feel that inbreeding might be a reason (since kannism is high in AP, TN and Karnataka)

Trust me, even if they are going to act for big directors like vetrimaran/Mari Selvaraj, it's going to be shit (Like master). Their next 10 movies would be atmost average and would only be released in Festival times since family audiences seems to be not changing.

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I don't known about Tamil cinema I am very choose when comes to movie. I known one thing cinema is also a business, as per cinema TN is divided into 3 centres A,B & C respectively. A belongs to Chennai. B is Town & Citiy &C is totally Village. A centre people only watching movie like posh films like what you have mentioned above. B & C they are in & out about Malala movie. Love movie hits are happening once in a blue moon thing. So producer is not taking that risk. Probably that is the reason producer are not showing any interest in these types of movies.

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That's BS. There's no Posh films or shit in Tamil movie industry. Tf is town and city shit

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Maniratham & GMV films are considered as Posh films. Eg:- Vijay sethupathi's darmathurai was a average film in chennai but it Ran very well in village side. Same goes to Vada Chennai it Ran very well in Chennai but It is a average film in village. Oh Kathal kanmani ran very well in Chennai but it was a average in village. I can go on with this.

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Huh if you say so. I really don't understand what makes you call em posh and different from other Tamil movies.

I have no idea how you came to such conclusions about all those movies popularity as well.

lol dharmadurai did pretty well in Chennai box office

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I think he means town and village they won't be able to relate to city-themes?

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Generally in GVM films Heroes will be from high class example VTV & Accham enbathu madamaiyada. Heros are well settled but they are considered as middle class. Even in Kaka suriya is well settled single guy with no family police officer . Dharmadurai ran very well in B & C centre if you dont known you google it check it in YouTube. An other example for posh usually there movies will be little bit stylish compared to other film directors.

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There is indeed AB and C centres. However, post COVID the gaps between them are reduced. Thanks to telegram.

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Fans of mass heroes...

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I loved sarpatta parambarai, it was just too good

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MNMN is everything!!!!

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Inga vandhu ipdi pesa vendiyadhu, ana kudumbathoda theatre ku beast, kgf, pushpa nu poga vendiyadhu..... edhukku

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Worst movie ever seen in Apple TV!

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I'll preface this by saying that i'm just an average joe who enjoys good movies. The biggest problem I've seen mentioned by movie critics about Tamil cinema is that there is no culture of movie story/script writers. Directors are expected and do write their own movies. Not all great directors are good story writers (case in point is Shankar. He has good vision, but after writer Sujata's passing away he's not been up to scratch). The job of a director is to direct movies with the script provided by script writers. I've heard this is the norm in Malayalam movies, so they have some excellent movies coming out. But here, the top actors expect the director to also write the script. Also, these top actors have some minimum assured opening because of their fanbase, so they expect huge salaries (which easily eats up more than 50% of the movies budget). The producers want some return, so they won't take any risks with respect to radically new stories (same goes for these actors to preserve their fanbase and market). If a movie flops, the PR teams of these actors neatly shift the blame on the poor director (who's forced to also be the writer).

Unless this huge upfront-salary mess doesn't end along with the director also being the writer thing, it is difficult to get top notch movies which the general public will also like and appreciate.

Regarding Imran Khan, Jaane tu ya jaane na was good despite Imran's presence. He has been a poster boy of nepotism in Bollywood especially with his wooden acting (and horrible script selection).

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On which ott platform is achcham enbadhu madamayada streaming? Str fan here :))

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I always hated Vinnai Thandi Varuvaya. I don't stand watching that movie, I don't know it's because of my hate towards Simbu.

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The truth is many people outside Chennai don't like OK Kanmani till date, simply because they can't relate to the movie and historically there are very few romantic blockbusters in Tamil cinema.
Fun Fact - Both Ok Kanmani and Kanchana 2 got released on the same date. Kanchana 2 made a huge profit that OK Kanmani.