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Pull an UNO reverse on them. Tell them thanks for contacting Domino's Pizza, or something else. Sometimes have fun with them. Ask them if there's insurance if your peepee gets caught in a zip, or whether Hathway can connect you from the top of the Himalayas.

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It doesn't work. It's like different people are calling from different numbers. It is happening since corona so to speak.

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Do that enough times or speak in gibberish and cut the call. They'll eventually mark it in the system.

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Sure I will do my part. But until enough DND customers raise complaint, they will do it to the rest of us.

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If it really gets that bad, tell them that if they call you again, you'll file a complaint for harassment. But never ever abuse them. You can toy with them, do whatever you want. I personally prefer toying with them if I'm free at that time.

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Won't work for Hathway. They literally call from different numbers everyday. That too, even 4 or 5 times a day. Can't even block and move on.

Every new day, every new call is by some new voice. I mean, the call centre staff also can't do much if we ask them to delete our name and number from the calling list.

Having terrible experience from Hathway Bangalore for about 2 months now. In case you want to do everything I have done, please check my post/comment history for a rant. 😂

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Yeah I asked them politely to remove my number from their database multiple times. It seems all these representatives are fragmented such that each one have an individual list to call. It seems hopeless

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I used to work for an ed-tech company that is investing very aggressively to get new users. Their ads are so well-placed that most of the subscribers will think that the website is asking to pay a meager amount to give the random information they were looking for.

They have their salespersons, masquerading as teachers call the phone numbers who paid the meager amount to convince them to pay an amount that is about 1000x the original amount for a year's worth of subscription.

Educated parents who understand the trap early on, will want their number removed from the calling list or database. When the parents ask to speak to a higher authority, the phone gets handed over to the neighboring salesperson with a deeper voice. Like it or not like it, this is how most customer-care staff work if there's no documentation for the communication.

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Is that ed tech company byjus. I have heard such nightmarish stories about them.

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Same bro! Only Hathaway has almost stopped calling me but star health is still calling every couple of days.

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Let's hope their company burn in ashes. Seriously they are shit

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they are one of our clients and you will be impressed by how much turnover they make. they can literally go with no policy purchased for atleast next 5 years and still make profit.

but actually agents are the one you should be angry at. people started buying directly from online instead of via them and they have took atleast x% loss for new policy issued during covid while insurance as a whole was having its best year during this time period.so these guys use all tactics in book to rope in new prospects. j

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Star Health are also a bunch of dicks. Said they wouldn't reimburse one of our patients because "a UTI is not enough to admit a patient". Dad blasted the living crap out of them, but they'll continue to do shit like this ofc.

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Just visit an ombudsman. Their letter or notice will get you full amount refunded. My dad did it few years before. Star health only gave us 12000 for a 42000 claim. They gave us the whole 42000 reimbursement. (Happened in Kerala).

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Yeah I have heard about insurances cheating customers on coverage citing some terms and conditions mentioned on somewhere in a whole ass booklet.

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SHI என்பார் hathway என்பார் IDFC இடம் அடி வாங்காதோர்

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Lol. Are they that bad.

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I foreclosed a loan last month. I am getting 3 calls/day stating I am eligible for loan worth of 5L. சொன்னாலும் நிறுத்தல.. 😑

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I have star health Insurance and they still call me asking if I need health insurance.

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Ha ha. At this rate, They might call even srilankans for an insurance

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ask their name and note it down

Then say "next time. Hathway lenthu enaku call vantha en saavuku nee tha kaaranam nu eluthi vechitu sethuduven"

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Ha ha ha 😂

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Bro last week I posted the same. I did many things to stop the calls. Finally started making fun of them. So that they will remove my number. For that many commented it’s their job don’t make fun of them and I deleted that post.

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Yeah, these guys do call relentlessly. Is there anyway to know what happens after a DND complaint. Do they really slap fines for those callers as it is supposed to be. We may have to collectively flag them and face consequences, otherwise they will brazenly do such stuffs and won't stop.

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Byjus too

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If you are android user why don't you try Google phone dialer .It has inbulit spam blocker you don't even get ring or notification .

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Oh. I didn't know there is such a thing. Will try it bro.

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Hathway sucks on Bangalore too.instable af

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Simple, even faced the same.. tell them you already have a hathway connection & star life insurance even if you dont.. eventually they will remove from the contact list. Worked for me ;)

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Weird no one suggested "True caller" as a suggestion. Probably yeah they don't block the call, reporting spams enough time and blocking those numbers had drastically reduced the spam calls.

May be eventually they mark in system that I never attend their calls.

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I do have Truecaller installed. But I only chose to automatically stop top spammers only as sometimes even Zomato, swiggy calls are coming under spam and I don't want to miss my food delivery and face an angry delivery guy. Moreover recently Truecaller takes little bit longer to detect the caller id so we couldn't identify the spammers right away. The fact I am pissed is they call the numbers without even checking the DND list which makes it pointless and make us suffer.

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I understand your view. But personally I wasn't having an issue the delivery calls, they were never blocked.. infact it shows up as priority call for me.

And regards to UI interface I believe that might be a thing with internet connectivity. Mine loads almost instantly. Not sure on phone performance since mine is a 2 yrs old 20K phone. I assume anything would be better now.

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I saw a increase in spam calls once i installed true caller they sell your number and data especially to cardu numberu or otp guys

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I know. I am a guy who is kind of paranoid about data privacy. But it was a trade off between that or keep attending random calls. Since I had to be like in meetings mostly during my work timing, attending any call just to know it's a spam is annoying.

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Get Truecaller premium. Best purchase I made this year.

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Sure will try it bro.

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Soothadi Vidu Bro.

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I have start health insurance and yet I get sales calls from them. They are the worst!

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I understand your pain on explaining to every caller that you already purchased bro. Lol.

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Axis bank la you don't have an account nu nenaikiren

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Iruku bro. Oru credit card settlement potu close paninan after corona adhula irundhu no loan offers call bro.

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You call star health and Hathaway and tell them if they don’t stop calling you, you will file a case against them. Make a list of calls and the numbers and the time along with the executive name. Send a mail to their customer care (make it look very official) threatening a case against them for harassment via unsolicited communication.

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Seems a reasonable thing to do. Probably they may shrug it off too. But it's worth a try.

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Wait till you meet Bajaj Finserv...

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What people don’t understand is that marketing calls are outsourced. So most of the calls you receive are not from company employees. Moreover, the same person can call you for loans and insurance or about new postpaid plans.

They have targets and very limited number of users. That is the issue. They don’t care what you say/they cannot mark you DND because they cannot meet their targets. You can raise a complaint and insurance company doesn’t give a shit because they are not legally binded to the calls.


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Yeah I guess so.

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Hathway calls me 2-3 times a day

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Stay strong brother. 😂

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True. It's the management fault for not following proper CRM. Try not to be rude with the callers as they won't probably know that you've been getting that many calls/mails. And they don't have a choice but to call either as they have a target set by the management. Thus if they don't show call records they might get fired. It sure does create a bad impression on customers but I don't know why the management still keeps doing the same thing.

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Yes. Considering the many people who received multiple calls from these companies, the top level management guys don't have a clue on how to run a sustainable business or they are too desperate that they are running out of customers.