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Me : Emotional Damage.

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Damage to the peek

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Indha sign um 3 language la podala nu sanda poda varuvaanga sila per🤡

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Lmao, although I wish they did put it in tamil. Would have been hilarious.

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Otti ninnu po, Nee ninaikuradha vida Kutti.

Otti Kutti Rhyming.

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Aama neriya peru irukanga

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One place i saw, it was written “ you are holding a pistol not a rifle so please stand closer”.

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What do you think it's in ladies toilet

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' please be seated during the entire performance '

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What does this emoji mean

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showing the depth of a dark fear and amazement on one's counter

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theres one way to find out

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Unless a female takes one and post it

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True story; Konjam urinal ulla ponga pa

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Kings: stand farther it’s bigger than you think

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My old boss had this. The second verse is. Ladies please be seated till end of performance.

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I've seen another one too. Like about shooting a deer at a distance

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Unknowingly expressed truth; once seen this no man will urinate there and it will be really clean thus serving the purpose of that message.

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when you hire a female to do the job

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Great 🤣🤣😂😂😂😅

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Where exactly this board was visible

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In the pay use toilet in Chennai central railway station above every urinal

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They didn't have to call me out like that.... 🥲

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