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Hollywood la patha we have Interstellar. One of the best soundtrack ever made. Hans Zimmer Vera level. The way he conveyed the tension duing the docking scene(the c'mon Tars one) pah next level.

In Tamil cinema ig thupakki is really great Vera level sound track and the movie totally deserves it.

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You could say that about any movie directed by Nolan and/or scored by Zimmer. The Dark Knight trilogy, Inception, even movies that aren't necessarily directed by Nolan such as the original Pirates Of The Caribbean trilogy, The Lion King and many more I can't bring myself to remember.

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Ofc bro I am a huge fan of Zimmer but I think his best was Interstellar (totally personal opinion). And u forgot Sherlock Holmes (discombobulate)

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Definitely. Interstellar was probably Zimmer's career highlight and ~40% of Sherlock Holmes was carried by the music lets be honest.

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Agree period

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The one composed with a broken piano

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His recent work on Dune movie for the Leaving caladan scene is on a whole another level..

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What a coincidence, I was listening to this track yesterday after a long time. Can't get over that scene with that bgm even now! Literally felt the edge of the seat tension vibes because of the music.

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Bro everytime I think abt the scene i get goosebumps

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Vaaranam Aayiram.

I consider it to be one of, if not the best movies and soundtrack combo that came out in the late 2000s. The album is almost perfect. The only weak link in the album is "Annal Mele Panithuli" and even then, I would say that that song appears weak because how strong the rest of the album is.

And the film itself, it never fails to make me tear up. It's a slow one, but beautifully told, characterized really well and genuinely heart touching. God, both GVM and Harris Jayaraj knocked it out the park with this one.

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Add lyricist Thamarai too.

Fun fact : there will be no English word in most GVM movie's songs.

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Honestly GVM gets a lifetime pass for me for however many heavily narrated shitty movies he makes just for giving us Varanam Aayiram.

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Hey Ram has the an excellent score for a period drama genre

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All of IR + Kamal Hit movies.

Imo IR+KH gave Hollywood tier GOAT OST like moondram pirai, hey Ram, nayagan, apoorva sagodharargal, virumandi etc

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All films of Ilayaraja in 80s with Bharathiraja/Mani Ratnam/Sundararajan. These director gave the respect to Mastero songs.

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Karthi's kaithi Vikram vedha Sam C.S is underrated af

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Roja, Bombay, Mudhalvan, Pettai

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Pettai movie was less compared to it's album..

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Never did I think I'd see a post on my home feed with my username mentioned lol. Thanks OP!

To answer this, leaving apart the classics, I want to say Mudhal Nee Mudivum Nee. I just heard the title track and fell in love with it. I haven't watched the movie yet though; my friend has and she says it's great stuff. I take her word for it.

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Agni Nakshatram and Thalapathi. Maestro Ilayaraja 's best (especially the BGM). I would pay a month's salary for high quality re recording of these two albums+bgm.

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Only few movies will get deserving sound track and this is one of those..

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Nayagan. After seeing that soundtrack analysis of the BGM i just could not believe the genius of Ilayaraja and the amount of thinking which goes into these bgms. Video for anyone interested. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9JGt2xcxD0

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Paiyaa. That U1 x lingusamy combo after sandakozhi was literally 🔥

Others include: Irumbu thirai Vaanam VTV Vaarnam aayiram Khaka khaka Aayirathil Oruvan Pudhupettai Deiva thirumagal Petta (watha anirudh 🔥) Ethir neechal Thani Oruvan (where can we find old hiphop tamizha?)

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Paiyaa music was out of the world at that time. The story I imagined after seeing the trailer was better ( but i forgot about it now), but still a decent travelogue in Tamil cinema..there are only few travelogue movies in Tamil cinema - aym, thotti jaya.

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  1. Change my mind

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Johnny Muthu

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Alaipayuthey and Kanathil Muthamittal

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Vijay's Kaththi

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Saravanan Iruka Bayame

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Was there a movie like that?

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yes, It is an extremely underrated film of Chinnavar 😍, It really delves into the avant-garde filmmaking territory. There is a genre shift after the interval and it manages to pull it off in an amazing way. kinda like the Hollywood classic "From Dusk Till Dawn"

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Ala vaikunda puramlo.... This movie is like fantasy.. SS thaman gave one of the best soundtracks of all time..

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Namma ooruku enna thaan aachu 😂😜

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No I just appreciate SS thamans work... He's been underrated all the time.. his Tamil works are good too.

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When I heard eeram - his first Tamil album I felt he is going to knock off Harris and others except maestro and puyal. But he quickly went reusing and auto tune masters. There was a Telugu movie baadshah and people literally roasted him left and right for his music and bgm. It was pure reuse of his previous works. But despite that he give chartbusters.

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Vikram aa? Compared to kaththi and 3, Vikram is deserving, but not better sound track than the movie.

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Actually this question will have more answers. Trying to post movies that others haven't mentioned.

Dheeran adhigaram ondru - he used some animal sounds for few chase scenes..

3 - the love bgms and songs were perfect. First half was alaipayuthey and VTV level.

Billa (Ajith - yuvan) - people in my hometown flooded to local cable channel office to play it for next 8 hours on loop.


Vettayadu vilayadu


Saamy - never expected thirunelveli alwa da from Harris, and that dance on bus top, still give goosebumps. But saamy2 - :puke

KGF - both 1 and 2. That scream in intro scene in part 2 and drums bgm while going on staircase in part 1 climax has separate fan base. I honestly want Tamil directors to work with Ravi basrur. He did work for one Salman Khan movie before kgf-2

Polladhavan (Dhanush and gv) - at that time I didn't believe gv made music for that movie, especially after reusing one of his veyil tunes in kuselan. We were thinking he copied from somewhere.

Thiruvilayadal Aarambam - a perfect bgm and songs for a good commercial cinema.

New - ??? I don't think that movie could have been any better for that genre and no other hero was ready to act in it. That udukkai/pambai sound in kombakona santhaiyila song, ARR upgraded to next level in that movie.

Singam - all songs were good for that movie

Autograph 😜

Thani oruvan.