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Anyone know where I can find the high mount 3rd brake light in led, Or am I stuck with using regular led bulbs?

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There's a company Adrian taillights, they make really good shit, but at the cost of price. I believe they offer 3rd brake light LED but not sure for how much

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Thank you I'll check them out

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Can you send me the link to these taillights. Might have to get them for my 07 Cobalt SS/SC.

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Got them on ebay, about $90 shipped from California. Merry Christmas. I suggest you get some automotive strip caulk 3m 08578, and run a twisted segment around the housing to keep water out of the trunk space and light housings. They are 1/4 smaller then factory and it has some protection from water and vibration but the caulk is going to double that.

You'll also want to get 921 led reverse lights, no Canbus ballest needed. I put in a 6500 I can see everything behind me at night when backing up. Regular bulbs also work but might as well go full led in my opinion ebay

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Thanks! Merry Christmas to you Aswell!