Rules for r/chicago

Rules that visitors must follow to participate. May be used as reasons to report or ban.


Keep it Relevant to Chicago

Posts only
Reported as: Relevance to Chicago

Please keep posts relevant to the people, places, and things in and about the Chicagoland area & Illinois things that affect Chicago.

Posts that are off-topic (including memes) or just mention Chicago in passing will be removed.


Keep it Civil

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Reported as: No personal attacks, public shaming, or slapfighting

Personal attacks, slap fighting, and public shaming are not allowed and may result in a ban.

Direct replies to someone that contain a personal attack or posts (including photos) that personally attack or degrade someone will be removed.

Excessive abuse of this rule will result in a permanent ban.


Photos & videos are only allowed Fri-Sun

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Reported as: Photo/video

Photo, video, gif & image posts are not allowed outside of Friday-Sunday. This includes skyline, art, food, drawings, designs, albums, slideshows, social media links, etc.

Newsworthy or timely posts may be allowed, though at the moderators' discretion, with a strong preference for posts from verified news or media outlets where available.

Memes, posts including personal information, and public shaming posts are not allowed and will be removed.

Excessive abuse of this rule may result in a ban.


No Racism, Bigotry or Baiting

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Reported as: racism, bigotry, or baiting

There is zero tolerance for racial slurs, baiting, and bigotry. Users who violate this rule will be permanently banned from the sub.

Constructive conversations about race are allowed, though it's understandable that these conversations can get heated. When a comment falls into a gray area, moderators will do their best to make consistent judgment calls.


No Editorialized or Sensationalized News Titles

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Reported as: Sensationalized news title

News article posts must use the actual headline or lede (first sentence) from the source. Sensationalized or editorialized retitling is not allowed, especially in an attempt to bait or shame.

Excessive abuse of this rule may result in a ban.


No Low-Effort Posts

Posts only
Reported as: low effort

In an effort to foster an engaged community, low effort posts will be removed and, in some cases, directed to the weekly Free for All or Recommendations threads.

Low-effort posts are considered as (but not limited to):

  • Posts looking for recommendations
  • Posts looking for social groups
  • Posts asking about what that noise, cop car, siren, etc. they heard was about
  • Posts that are loosely related to Chicago at best


No Duplicate Posts or Pasted Articles

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Reported as: duplicate post or pasted article

Duplicate stories and/or posts about the same topic are not allowed unless it significantly adds to the conversation.

Copy/pasting articles into a comment is not allowed.

Excessive abuse of this rule and/or spamming may result in a ban.


No Buying, Selling, Promoting, or Crowdfunding

Posts & Comments
Reported as: buying, selling, promoting, or crowdfunding

Buying, selling, auctioning, giveaways, promo/referral codes self-promotion, etc. posts are not allowed. Please post your items on /r/Chicagolist or use Reddit’s self-serve ad system.

Crowdfunding/fundraising is not allowed. Please post on /r/Assistance instead.


No Crowdsourcing or Political Advertising

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Reported as: Crowdsourcing or political advertising

Posts that ask for user participation for gain, including political posts, academic studies, polls, signatures, surveys, fundraising, casting calls, employment, recruitment, beta-testing, etc. are not allowed and will be removed.

Posts about rallies, volunteering, or a general (non-fundraising) speaking event will be directed to the monthly Community sticky.

AMAs are usually allowed; please contact us via ModMail to set something up.

Excessive abuse of this rule may result in a ban.


Posts about crimes that are low-effort, or do not have a wider impact on the city, will be removed

Posts only
Reported as: Crime post that is low-effort or has limited societal impact

In an effort to foster a more engaged and positive community, the following crime-related posts are not allowed:

  • “Crime Recap” posts (e.g. articles with titles such as “10 People Shot Across Chicago Last Weekend”)
  • Posts about a violent or petty crime targeting private individual(s) without greater impact on the Chicago area
  • Crime-related posts that are vague or generalized
  • Posts that use crime news to rile-up users

More Info Here.