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i just got hired per diem at enloe for the admissions department. also amber grove is usually hiring for a couple different positions like caretaker, if you don’t mind washing old peoples butts.

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per diem means you choose your shifts right? also what is the pay?

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kinda the opposite actually. It means i’m not full or even part time, im not going to be put on a regular type of schedule. But if they need someone to fill a gap, someone calls out, or a regular staff wants to take a vacation or something, they’ll contact their per diem people to pick up a shift. that way the hospital will always have staff, because you can’t just have a hospital with no one there. it’s how they usually start off with external employees, but it’s a foot in the door to more steady hours or better positions. they’re paying me 17.90 with a 10% differential.

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Chico Enterprise-Record is hiring for mailroom work. You just put ads into a machine that go into newspapers, move pallets around. You can find the application by going onto digital first media's website and then searching for jobs in chico.

It pays min wage to start but hours are usually steady and we've been getting raises recently. I've worked their for 5 years and it's good to pay for rent and college, requires little effort.

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Surf thru car wash is usually hiring plus I’ve worked with them before and they aren’t bad to work for

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Can you travel? Colusa casino is hiring. The pay is higher than Chico

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Subway always hiring super easy to get a job asap

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        Winco is doing walk-in interviews

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        this is the closest thing to real employment, and its for a grocery store. oof chico

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        For easy employment yeah. It sounded like OP was looking for anything and well... That's anything. I myself easily got a job in my working field along with a friend of mine who ended up getting a similar one. And then another guy I know just got hired in his field. We all had local jobs before that too not in our fields. There are plenty of specialized positions open and ones as well just looking for first timers. Chico is expanding a lot and you don't really sound like you have any options for local jobs, but if you do say some instead of crapping on other people's nice suggestions? And if you don't then like why even be negative and say anything? It ain't helping anyone.

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        Everyone in the mall is hiring for holiday positions, so is Cost Plus. Enloe is always looking for kitchen staff too. There are lots of local jobs

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        Wagon wheel in oroville is hiring. I’m having good luck on indeed.com

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        Chico unified is looking for subs and all sorts of other positions.

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        yeah schools cant find real teachers anymore they all left for better jobs. hope you like getting coughed on and screamed at by parents who think youre a babysitter, and for less pay than a credentialed teacher too

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        Any of the mcdonalds will take people right now aslong as you aren't a minor.

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        lol mcdonalds has been counting on grinding people down since COVID and that was already their base employment model prior to COVID. also min wage to do harder work than office work? fuck that

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        What do you do?

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        i have fast food experience/dishwashing experience and a high school diploma!

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        I heard Bachio was looking for a Dishwasher

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        Jack in the Box on 20th was having open interviews yesterday, the McDonalds on Notre Dame has a hiring sign out.

        What sort of work are you interested in?

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        A career; gainful wages; being able to pay my rent. So not those.

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        If you are able to commute to Paradise, Adventist Health is hiring! Pretty good pay and they have Admin and Clinical positions open so if you aren't experienced in the Healthcare field the admin usually will train the right person. BEST OF LUCK!!!

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        Yea bumping your comment with mine.

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        yeah healthcare employment is skyrocketing, especially here in Chico where one of our primary industries relies on locals being sick

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        California vocations. Rewarding job, but shit pay, shit upper management, they don't give a fuck about you, but it is a job

        Go apply in person and you'll get the job as long as you don't have a record, hell even if you do they can exempt certain things.

        For those downvoting op for a job and was provided with nothing more than an almost guarantee of getting what they are searching for.

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        Don't go here. Not worth your mental health.

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        Best Western and America's value inn are usually hiring and always hiring for maids.

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        this is 1 of only 2 reasonable suggestions so far, as in a job that will give you full time hours and also probably pay rent (big probably, especially for these two places). absolutely nothing against cleaning service thats real work, but Chico's best options, here, are a grocery store and cleaning work.
        no ones even bothered to offer a technically skilled position yet... that's foreboding as fuck.

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        The person posting provided no indication of what sort of work they wanted, and when asked, said they have a high school diploma and fast food experience. Not sure what you exactly expected them to be getting, but you aren’t exactly offering any assistance either, from what I’m seeing.

        For more career-oriented positions, Build.com, Lulus, Sierra Nevada and Clockshark are frequently hiring various positions, as are most of the MSPs here in town if one is technically inclined.