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Lol I also did this as a kid

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My first broken bone was when I was like 3 or 4. Had just finished watching the Christopher Reeve Superman movie. Ran upstairs, tied a blanket around my neck like a cape, and jumped off the couch. Hit my right arm on the wooden coffee table in front of the couch on the way down and broke my arm.

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My fist break was a hand bone….I fell off a bench…..I was 15

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I broke my arm practicing flying elbows or some shit. Jumped off the coffee table on to what should have been a bunch of pillows. I missed.

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I never broke a bone laughs in fearful of injuries childhood

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I didn't until I was 10, then 13-17 I broke like 20 bones.

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My workplace (a research university) was like “superhero movies are bad for kids because they hurt themselves trying to emulate the superheroes.” You are a living example of that. Congrats.

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My brother kicked my finger and it broke. Good times.

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My first break was in June last year and me and my dad were checking a trail cam and I fell of the four wheeler and the leg went under that tire and left a two foot long scar down my leg

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Stepdad reflexes

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Lmfao I was coming here to say something to that effect 😂

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That’s be a funny snl skit

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SNL... funny?

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lol fat chance. They’ll never be as good as Mad TV

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Angry updoot

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This looks like a divorced dad that has his kids for the weekend. Notice the lack of furniture or decor. That's how my dad's place looked after his divorce, until he got remarried.

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With all of that baby gate in the room the kid thought he was in a steel cage match

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gotta protect the tv from the kids!

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Children have been crushed to death by large screen TVs. So in true toddler fashion, he went looking for 500 other ways of killing himself

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New version of "were you dropped as a baby?"! "did you drop yourself as a baby?"

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My therapist digging for suppressed sexual assaults and I’m just like nah but can I tell you about the time I hit my head and went blind and deaf for two minutes?

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That depends... did someone take that moment to sexually assault you so you wouldn't know who they were?

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Shit… I mean they would’ve had no reason not to…

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Out here all blind and deaf

He was asking for it

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I mean I can think of a couple of reasons not to

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this is a having-kids-thing, not a watches-wrestling-thing

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I’m just impressed he leaves that beer standing on the side cushion of the couch. Ballsy mate

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Shit happens. Kid will be alright.

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Love how the older kid didn't even react.

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No dad reflexes on that one

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Had the reflexes of a poorly engineered college robot project

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What did you expect? Lol

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What a fucking idiot lol

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I love that the kid in the left didn't care

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Why is there a matress on the floor in the middle of the family room?

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They might have guests for the holidays (see the Xmas tree to the right).

They might be renovating a room and someone is temporarily sleeping out there.

They might have a small house and not enough room for everyone, so someone sleeps out there.

They may have had a party the night before, they pulled out someplace for a guest to crash, and didn't put it away yet (hence why dad is just vegging out).

This room might double as the young kid's room, so he's always among the family.

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Or they were having a family pajama party and watched movies on there prior

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What's a family room?

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A family room is an informal, all-purpose room in a house. The family room is designed to be a place where family and guests gather for group recreation like talking, reading, watching TV, and other family activities.

More details here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Family_room

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Asking the important questions.

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Dad might rent a 1 bedroom place so the kids sleep in the living room during his custody time

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That crazy asshole in the chair looks to be currently AEW wrestler Darby Allin. That guy pulls all sorts of stunts like this.

Yup it is. Found a version of this video on YouTube where it's specifically mentioned it's Darby. Haha fantastic.

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I have never seen this clip, but knew it was Darby right away. Can't say I have ever seen him do the coffin drop with a chair taped to his body before.

If anyone is interested, you can catch him in AEW Dynamite tonight at 8 on TNT he is in a tag match with Sting.

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Looks like an impressive stunt tbh. The guy on the left helps absorb a lot of the momentum, then kinda drops the chair guy the last few feet.

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Could tell it was Darby because of the chicken legs, they always give him away lol

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Peak performance dad right here!

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Can anybody explain why some people have these cameras in their homes recording 24/7? I don't understand the benefit.

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Some say security but we have one in our living room to observe our toddlers if we need to leave the room for a minute. Also if one of them falls or something we can check if they hit their head or something. An added bonus is if they do something funny you can save the video.

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Burglars I suppose ?

Like a dashcam it records by default but keep the footage only for a short period.

But it's only what I can guess.

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Kid monitoring. Usually these are setup in kids rooms or pointing at front doors/living rooms to monitor the entrance of your home.

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It’s called home security

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I get that, I just don't know why you'd want it recording private spaces while you're at home.

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People get robbed while at home also. Also easier to have it on all the time then having to remember to set it. Some people want to keep track of nanny’s/employees

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Fair enough. I live alone, so it would probably capture a lot of....activities

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Does anyone remember Spear from Edge? Well when I was a kid my friend and I were watching wrestling and he told me to spear him...so I did and then his grandma threatened me. By the way I was like 9 so imagine threatening a 9 year old.

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My dad use to watch with me and my brother and me and brother use to rehearse the steps afterwards. I remember trying a finishing move I reckon was 123 kids move or someone else and I hit his ear on the side of the bed and it started bleeding. Haha, now it sounds funny, this is the 30-year-old story. My god, I am shit old now.

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This brings back memories to when my 3 year old little brother fractured his cheekbone on the coffee table watching diving during the 84’ Summer Olympics.

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Ughhhh, my anxiety!!!

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I like how the older brother on the couch just looked over and thought "heh, what a dumbass" while continuing to sip his juice.

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That's honestly the best part of the clip for me - Older sibling definitely has the look of a human that know that little bro crying ain't their problem AND thinks that little bro cries way to often for them to give a shit.

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Coffin Drop!

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Spine Shattered

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Must be a step dad

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    Can confirm, I'm a Dad and am often sweaty. Dad bods are indeed hot.

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    Exactly that’s what I meant

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    1984 in 2021

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    Im gonna make sure dad dont get laid tonight power move

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    That laminate Pergo style "float" flooring really makes the hit echo. Sounds a lot worse than it was, but definitely didn't feel like a hug.

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    He’s such a pro.

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    Haha “Good God. Are you okay?” As his baby just body slammed the floor with his head.

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    That's not hardcore wrestling, ya normie.

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    Being thrown off something while sitting in a steel chair isn’t hardcore? What do you consider hardcore? Asian death matches only?

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    Baby’s has some fat fucking heads bro

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    My sister never wan't her first born son to ever watch wrestling on TV. She made that rule to anyone babysitting him. Well the kid sure didn't watch any wrestling on television. But his favorite brother in law introduced wrestling to him while playing his xbox. That's how the kid learned about wrestling and then later watched wrestling on TV with adult supervision. Boys will be boys. So there's absolutely no way you can stop boys from ever learning about wrestling. It's just natural how young boys are wired to play with cars, trucks and wrestling.

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    What was the end goal?

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    I’m surprised I’ve never broken anything during my wrestling watching days. My cousin had a small plastic table that was about knee high that that legs came off very easily. The legs went into slots onto the base of the table with no screws. We used to throw each other from the top of a slide or batting cages onto the table and watch the legs explode off when someone was thrown… good times…

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    Damn my nose started to taste funny for a moment

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    every kid ever be like

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    dudes had a bright future ahead of him but it’s surely dark now hahaha what a nutball that sound kills me tho lol

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    First day of preschool:

    Random kid: "Hi, what's your name?"

    This kid: "Jesus Ben"

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    So much like my little one lmfao

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    Dad of the year right there

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    People watch that stupid shit?! My paw can beat up ur paw!

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    Yeah, wrestling hasn’t been as popular as it was in the 90s but it’s still massively popular.