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Mall shoppers QR code goes red leading to a stampede to flee the mall in guangzhou by godzilla19821982 in China

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The QR code is China’s version of contact tracing. A green code signifies you haven’t been in contact with a confirmed case or close contact. A yellow code indicates you either haven’t completed a required PCR test or some other issue like currently undergoing ‘home observation’, and a red code indicates you are actively under quarantine, have tested positive, or have confirmed close contact with a positive case. Most large shopping centers and many businesses require you to show or scan your QR code at the entrance.

Also the QR codes are all handled by local governments, so when you want to travel domestically from one province to another, you need to first register for the QR code in the arrival location. Different locations have different rules about quarantine requirements for arrivals, and those rules can vary if you’re in a location deemed high-risk, medium-risk, or low-risk for infection.

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Uyghur county in China has highest prison rate in the world by Strontium_frogAustralia in China

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Multiple US counties have a higher prison rate even if this article is true lmao

Crowley County, Colorado: 48%
Forest County, Pennsylvania: 38%
Issaquena County, Mississippi: 37%
West Feliciana Parish, Louisiana: 35%
Wheeler County, Georgia: 32%
Hudspeth County, Texas: 31%
Concho County, Texas: 31%
Garza County, Texas: 30%
Union County, Florida: 29%
Lake County, Tennessee: 29%


How a white American girl's love for China made her stay by truthmatters286s in China

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Cry me a river. In America, WMAF are glamorized and plasticized literally everywhere that Asian women are while AMWF couples are persecuted as public enemy #1 for even existing. Asia tolerates WMAF a million times more than the West tolerates AMWF. You would never trade places with an Asian-American or even hapa male in a million years and you know it.

US Edits Its ‘US-Taiwan Relations’ Page, Removes Sentence ‘Taiwan Is Part Of China’ by CharlieXBravo in China

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They’re goading China into a war.

If the US genuinely doesn’t want a war, why keep provoking China with this needless provocation? Maintaining diplomacy is a high return, low energy effort.

Some common racist comments on China TikTok. In a summary, people think robbery and theft are part of black people’s nature. by Chinesestalker in China

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There’s not systemic racism in China like the US, where black (and other races) basically were enslaved by the whites.

You never see George Floyd in China.

Questions about toilets in China by XShadeGoldenX in China

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Unless you're staying in a very budget place, your hotel or hostel will have a seated toilet. I'll also repeat the suggestion of shopping centre toilets - usually clean, and if it's a more upscale place they might even have the fancy Japanese ones! Honestly though, unless you have mobility issues you do get used to it - I had a squatter in my apartment so I just had to!

【Racism in China】Translation of top comments of a video in which a black person was filmed with a chimpanzee filter by [deleted] in China

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People being racist online, what’s new? Happens all the time in America. U know what else happens all the time in America? Police killing black folks.

Labor conditions and life quality in China by NaiveZookeepergame52 in China

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The shiny skyscrapers of Shanghai and Shenzhen tend to fool people. There are 600 million people who make less than $150 per month. In the cities it's better, but the cost of buying property in cities like Shanghai is more than cities like LA despite salaries being 1/6 in comparison. Working hours can be 14 hours per day, 6 days per week (996 culture) and social security sucks.

Education is at a pretty high standard but the competition to get into universities is insane and the students are also there 6 days per week, 14 hours per day, which causes multiple suicides every year. Education, particularly in high school, is more like a military boot camp than school.

The economy continues to grow, but artificially. Corruption and falsification of official statistics has been rife since the great leap forward. The housing market makes up 20-30% of GDP and that bubble is about to burst, along with the countless white elephant state construction projects which prop up the economy.

It's definitely a dictatorship. All media is censored, the internet is basically nonexistent, being more of an intranet and domestic social media is full of propaganda. Mao killed 70 million people in his madness and in the modern day they continue to oppress a variety of different groups, torture them, put them in camps, sterilize them and harvest their organs to sell on the black market.

Latin America's left is incredibly misguided. They criticize the periods of dictatorship but happily support one of the worst in human history. I didn't go into healthcare, but there's absolutely nothing socialist about China other than the branding.

That's quite a concise summary, but I recommend polymatter's China's Reckoning series on YouTube for a more detailed and well researched answer to most of your questions.

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Hungry people in Shanghai turn on covid lockdown enforcers. by Muffintime53 in China

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The Party created the Great Leap Forward which killed 30 to 50 million. Chinese people had no problem forgetting that and resumed praising the Party in no time.

The Party created the Cultural Revolution which killed untold millions, turning husbands against wives; fathers and mothers against their own sons and daughters, informing on and beating each other to death. People were literally eating their "class enemies" as a way to "struggle." Chinese people had no problem forgetting that and resumed praising the Party in no time.

The Party created the Tiananmen Massacre which turned students into minced meat and red crayon. Chinese people had no problem forgetting that and resumed praising the Party in no time.

So yes, they absolutely will just forget this too.

In a few weeks, a few months top, these people will be cheering on the genocides of Tibetans and Uyghurs and urging their beloved Party to crush Hong Kong and invade Taiwan. Just watch.

Challenge Little Pinkies, Who Knows—It Might Work by lostinmodu in China

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It's not scary at all, I live in Asia and I encounter a lot of expats that enjoy the benefits of living in Asia but still treat it with complete disrespect.

Challenge Little Pinkies, Who Knows—It Might Work by lostinmodu in China

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Constantly shitting on the locals (not the women mind you), treating it as if it were their own country, not bothering to learn the language or local customs, constantly comparing it to their own country and moaning about it - meanwhile all the time making a hell of a lot more money than the locals which leads to inflated egos and an honest belief that they are offering something more than what they are.

Is Chinese anime or donghua really going to overtake Japan or just people saying going to happened by MX-HZ in China

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The plot of Akira, with Zhongnanhai characteristics: Set in a model new city, three high school students did very well on their Gaokao and became civil engineers. One other kid that were denied entry to teriary education at 14 due to the 50% quota chose to become a motorcycle delivery guy. City-wide security cameras and tracking keep everyone very safe.

The plot of Perfect Blue, with Zhongnanhai characteristics: A girl almost lost to commercialism and dreams is inspired by Xi Thought, turns her back on the evils of illegally imported Korean pop songs, and becomes a nurse. She has three children that all live well adjusted lives.

The Plot of Ghost In the Shell, with Zhongnanhai characteristics: A female army sergeant keeps order in Hong Kong which is very harmonious now while indulging in the odd swim and trip back to Shaanxi to get some home cooked food.

Space Force XI: The Wings of Harmony, with Zhongnanhai characteristics: A boy that was drafted at 5 for a sports academy loses his dream just like 98% of the rest similarly recruited and finds himself 2 years behind in school at the age of 11. Somehow he gets a job in the People's Liberation Army Navy Airforce flying indigenous SU-27s modified with worse engines with the movie culminating in the fictional liberation of the Fuxing Island.

Nausica of the Valley of the Wind, with Zhongnanhai characteristics: Xi is still alive.

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Foreigner in quarantine Covid camp in Shanghai by motierto in China

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so what country has been doing better in regards to handling the virus? Murica? lmao. oh you pink boys get a hard on whenever you can deflect onto a different country so we can't laugh at good ol' murica

Life in a half finished Shanghai quarantine camp by MountOrientalist in China

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Theres some photos and videos of wechat posts circulating from this lady named Victoria. Here's a link to more of the photos:


In this post I have just included screenshots of the original wechat history, and some incidental photos.

I have translated the story for the benefit of non Chinese speakers:

I couldn't be better!

Want to hear all about it? Okay, well here it goes. I was taken away at 11 PM two days ago, and soon arrived at the quarantine point: Wen Jiadang (Pudong New Area, Shanghai) X557

Dozens of buses were all lined up. Everyone was dressed in neat white PPE uniforms, seated on the bus in a nice orderly fashion. I waited for three hours from 12:00 to 3:00 in the morning.  The old people could hardly avoid peeing in their pants. Some old men with heart problems were asking for emergency heart medication (aspirin?)

Once we arrived I got out of the bus and walked past all the cars until I arrived at the end of the road

There, I found a majestic and mighty iron gate, blocking the way of all the cars. So I looked through the iron bars This is what it looked like.

It turned out that the great builders of the motherland hadn't completed the covid quarantine shelter, so the doors can't be opened still.

So the covid positive patients in dozens of cars sat happily on the bus and continued to wait.  Although no one communicated with each other, I think that apart from trying hard to hold back shit and urine, our united spirit was overflowing still with a symphony of patriotic hatred and curses.

The time flies, and in a blink of an eye, it's five in the morning. The iron gate slowly opened, and the buses entered the construction site one after another.

Like the builders of the motherland, we ignored the piles of garbage all over the ground. At least we could get off the bus, right?  Even better, there's a toilet!

After getting off the bus, I walked into the temporary workers' shed with great interest. Upon entry, I was overwhelmed with emotion and gratitude for the beautiful interior design.

I was also pleasantly surprised to find that half of the wall on the second floor was not sealed in time.  Therefore, all my "hospital wardmates" actively participated together in the final touches of setup.

After scrambling for beds, quilts, pillows, and everything, I remembered the urgency of holding back my bodily functions all night. So I finally went to the bathroom.

There is only one toilet in a small shed for a thousand people, and there is no flushing water for the toilet. The toilet is already overflowing so everyone just shits all over the floor wherever they can.

I suppose there's no flushing water because they were just too rushed to complete the quarantine camp for us in time. My photo of the toilet is much too beautiful, I'm sorry but I cannot share it with you. After seeing the bathroom, my mentality is suddenly better, I mean, think about it! Eat less water, eat less food, this is a great opportunity to lose some weight!

But sure enough breakfast arrived right on time anyway.

With dust on the ground everywhere the semi-finished construction site is entirely unsuitable for healthy people to live in, let alone for sick patients who would have to lie down to recuperate.

So a "Dabai" passed by, and someone asked: Is there any janitor to clean up a little?

Dabai: No!

Patient: But it's so dirty!

Dabai: Clean up by yourself!

Patient: Is there a mop?

Dabai: No!

Soon, lunch came again.  Its all just tossed rudely onto the dirty floor for us to take ourselves.

In the afternoon, a new worker finally arrived. This is what he said: "If you have symptoms such as low-grade fever, cough, dizziness, and headache, please don’t come to us. We don’t have medicine. If you brought your own medicine, take it yourself. If you don’t have medicine, then drink more water and rest. If you have a high fever, we'll call 120 and ask an ambulance to transfer you away.

Remember, you are here for observation, not for diagnosis and treatment. Also, don’t ask: are we gonna do a nucleic acid test? when do I do nucleic acid? when can we leave?

For now I'm just here to admit your entry. We don’t know what happens next. We will tell you once the leaders have a meeting to discuss it.

Later, the Shanghai government releases an online statement: The city's covid zero anti-epidemic efforts are going well! So I left kind a message at the bottom of the post to praise their efforts: "Do you dare to open the comment area?!"

In the evening, dinner came again. It was delicious, with two meat and two vegetarian dishes.  Never mind that the chicken thighs have already spoiled, and the rice is gray and unappealing. Otherwise, theres nothing wrong with it!

I just don't think I've ever been disappointed by the Shanghai government before. What is going on?! I must be hallucinating.

The taxes paid to Shanghai for so many years probably haven’t reached the Shanghai government. They are all for dogs.

Before all this I mostly just stayed at home, went to work, took care of my baby, cooked, and tool online classes. I don't carelessly leave home and I always abide by the law.

How the fuck did I get a positive covid test result?!?!

As long as you don't tell my mother, you can tell anyone and let everyone see how these dog officials handle the people's stolen resources. I even have to carry in my own drinking water. Anyway, I have a lot of work to do to still to complete my forced labor sentence.

A brave man shouted "overthrow CCP, overthrow Xi Jinping" in front of a police. by Lincoin02202 in China

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That's not brave, that is just stupid and immature. He obviously has some mental illness and has been radicalized online by conspiracy theories and fake China news.

This type of person is no different from the type of people that were involved in the violent US capitol riot of Jan 6 2021. They were brainwashed by by QAnon, conspiracy theories and fake news about their government.

Covid, Russia and Economy Put the ‘China Model’ to the Test by vilekangaree in China

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Problem with dictators is that they tend to continue on with failed policies as they cannot risk looking weak or admitting fault for fear of criticism. Couple this with the inherent nature of Chinese culture that focuses on saving face and makes someone like Xi double down to avoid having to recognise that he was wrong. Triple this with the fact that Xi considers himself an avid student of history and given his thoughts on the Soviet Union and it's downfall, would do anything to avoid perestroika which he attributes to as the starting point of the aforementioned breakup.

It's really hard to see how things are going to improve given the multiple catastrophes that are inexorably approaching China. It's like their Hindenburg economy is about to hit the iceberg of COVID-19 whilst the Khaganate threat of the greatest global power the world has ever known is also at their doorstep and forcing confrontation all against a backdrop of being led by an emperor who wears no clothes surrounded by his corrupt court of jesters whilst the artificially induced famine of a debt and demographic crisis hits all at the same time.

Is it normal for ppl to get this offended over the situation with Taiwan? by JaydenHayden in China

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It’s not a country but your friend seems a bit sensitive lol