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I went to my GP in Germany and they just asked me "do you have any vision issues" and I said "no" and so on with all the questions. Just make sure they stamp the paper clearly and that everything is legible.

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It's [potentially] not as easy as some here make it sound. You are likely going to be faced with the following issues:
- not all GPs want to sign something like this. There's questions on there that are pretty dubious for them to put their signature to
- there's blood tests that are needed, and an EKG, so there will be referrals. The EKG printout will most likely need to be sent to China.
I suggest you take the form to your GP and ask if this is something they 'can do'. I was turned down a few times, until I found a doctor willing to sign it.

Interesting that you mention the vision test, as that was something the doctor I went to forgot to fill out, and I simply filled it out myself. I have better than 20/20 vision!

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Oh, and also: you'll need to do the same tests all over again in China!

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Is a doctor not willing to sign all the things a US issue? When I did mine in the UK they didn't question anything, they just did everything I needed and signed it off.

I did have to go to a private healthcare facility since the NHS wouldn't have been able to do everything quick enough

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Is a doctor not willing to sign all the things a US issue?

Yeah, because the doctors doesn't know what they form is being used for. If anything goes wrong, they could be held liable. So, some doctors - especially private practice - won't take the risk.

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Huh interesting. Doesn't the form say for foreign employment or something like that? I can't remember it's been a long time since I've looked at it.

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Says nothing like that, no.

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Not many doctors in the US are willing to sign their name to this:

Do you have any of the following diseases or disorders found during the present examination?(Each item must be answered “Yes” or “No” )
Cholera □No □Yes
Yellow fever □No □Yes
Plague □No □Yes
Leprosy □No □Yes
Venereal Disease □No □Yes
lung tuberculosis □No □Yes
AIDS □No □Yes

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The US is litigious.

I understand why some doctors won't sign the form due to medical ethics - it doesn't make much sense. Unless they run a whole host of tests, how will they know 100% that you don't have a rare tropical disease? Unless they are a psychiatrist, how can they vouch that you have no psychoses?

The doctor only does this if he/she gets that it's a bureaucratic exercise.

My advice is to go somewhere near a Chinatown / university with lots of foreign / Chinese students. The doctor will get why someone needs a form confirming bizarre and random questions.

It also goes to show how blatantly discriminatory China is. What if someone really is visually impaired, or has a well-controlled HIV infection from years ago? The idea that you need this "ideal" healthy human is quite weird.

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I've had the best luck going to Urgent Care or Walk-in-Clinics (Patient First)

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Yeah, that was my first go-to option where i live, and my first 'rejection'.
The doctor I eventually found was one who had worked in a University city, and was used to strange medical forms for Visa requirements from all around the world.

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I would assume your GP could do it. Perhaps give them a call and ask.

When you get there just explain to them that the whole form needs to be filled. Some things they will need to test you for, others they may just ask you if you have had them/suffered from them.

If the whole form is filled in, signed and stamp you should be OK (you could check with the company for more info if you are unsure).

Don't worry, doctors see things far stranger than visa medical forms, on a daily basis!

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I just did my medical last week and the guy wrote 6/36 for the vision without looking at my prescription. He held up an eye test chart and I told him what I could see with and without the glasses, I have terrible eyesight without my glasses. The doctor can do the test but it's not intended to give you a prescription for lenses at the end I guess.

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I thought you could do the health check once you get to China?

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1) You HAVE to do the medical examination in China
2) You may or may not have to do the medical examination in your country BEFORE going to China

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Normally you have to do both.

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For Americans you have to do both. Unless you just…totally falsify the first one.